Bracelet Size Guide

Size S fits wrists smaller than 5.5" (15.5cm).
Size M fits wrists from 5.5" to 6.5" (15.5cm to 18cm).
Size L fits wrists larger than 6.5" (18cm).

In between 2 sizes?
Go with the larger one.

Authentic AAA Grade Gemstones
Multi Amazonite Bracelet video
Multi Amazonite Bracelet 8mm wrist
Multi Amazonite Bracelet 8mm front pocket
Multi Amazonite Bracelet 8mm front pocket 2
Multi Amazonite Bracelet 8mm shoulder
Multi Amazonite Bracelet Men 8mm wrist
Authentic AAA Grade Gemstones

Multi-Amazonite Bracelet


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Authentic Multi-Amazonite (AA Grade).

Meaning & Spirituality

  • "I am healing at my own pace."
  • Multi-Amazonite is the hopeful stone. It promotes harmony, communication, and emotional balance. Amazonite also aids in dispelling negative energy, enhancing intuition, and promoting inner strength.
  • Element: Water.
  • Chakras: Throat, Heart.
  • Zodiac signs: Virgo, Aquarius, Leo, and Pisces.

    Materials & Details

    • Multi-Amazonite (Grade A or superior, Natural, 8mm gemstones)
    • Stainless Steel.

    Care Guide

    • Clean gently using a damp soft cloth.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    • Handle with care to prevent scratches.

    Natural gemstones & crystals.

    2-year warranty.

    30-day returns & exchanges.

    Customer service: +1 801 346 7837

    HQ: What is Amazonite?

    A: Amazonite is a vibrant green feldspar mineral that's often used in jewelry, known for its calming energy.

    Q: How do I care for my Amazonite bracelet?

    A: To care for your bracelet, you should avoid exposing it to high heat
    or sunlight, as this can cause the color to fade. You can clean your bracelet
    by gently wiping it with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid using harsh
    chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

    Q: Can my Amazonite bracelet go in water?

    A: Yes, Amazonite gemstones can go in water, however, you should avoid leaving them submerged for longer periods of time.

    Q: How to cleanse my Amazonite bracelet?

    A: To cleanse your beautiful bracelet, use methods like placing it on Selenite, using incense, or visualizing white light surrounding and purifying the crystals. Avoid water to preserve the bracelet's integrity.

    Q: How to recharge my bracelet?

    A: Place your crystal bracelet under moonlight/sunlight for a few hours, set positive intentions, and visualize the energy renewing. Alternatively, use incense smoke or a Selenite charging plate for a quick energy boost. Regular recharging ensures optimal crystal effectiveness.

    Q: Which wrist should I wear my bracelet on?

    A: Always remember, your left/non-dominant hand is your receiving hand,
    and your right/dominant hand is your giving hand. For Amazonite bracelet, you can wear it on
    your left wrist.

    Q: What are Amazonite's meaning & properties?

    A: Amazonite Meaning - Amazonite is a soothing crystal associated with harmony, communication, and balance. Its properties include promoting emotional healing, enhancing self-expression. Finally, amazonite add a sense of calm.

    Q: How do I choose the right crystal?

    A: Consider your intentions and what energies you're drawn to. Trust your
    instincts – pick the crystal that resonates with you. It's about finding the
    right match for your energy and goals.

    Q: What are some popular jewelry featuring Amazonite stone?

    A: Amazonite stone is often used in both contemporary and traditional jewelry designs. It can be found in simple settings to highlight its natural beauty or incorporated into more elaborate pieces alongside complementary gemstones such as turquoise, pearls, or even diamonds.

    Q: How does Amazonite stone promote communication?

    A: Amazonite gemstones are believed to enhance communication by facilitating the expression of thoughts and feelings with clarity and confidence. It is said to encourage open and honest dialogue, fostering understanding and connection between individuals.

    Q: Can Amazonite jewelry be used as a sign of harmony in relationships?

    A: Yes, Amazonite is often regarded as a sign of balance in relationships. Its soothing energy is thought to promote peace and reconciliation, helping to resolve conflicts and strengthen bonds between partners. When accented in jewelry pieces, it serves as a reminder of the unity and understanding shared between individuals.

    Q: What role does Amazonite play in maintaining balance in one's life?

    A: Amazonite is believed to help restore balance and equilibrium to the mind, body, and spirit. Its calming energy can bring a sense of stability and inner peace, allowing individuals to navigate life's challenges with greater resilience and clarity.

    Q: Does Amazonite provide courage during difficult times?

    A: Yes, Amazonite is thought to imbue the wearer with courage and confidence, especially during times of adversity or uncertainty. It is said to inspire inner strength and resilience, encouraging individuals to overcome obstacles and pursue their goals with determination.