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  • February 13th, 2023

Amazonite Crystal Meaning and Properties




Amazonite, a beautiful blue-green gem, embodies tranquility and harmony. Its soothing energy will reduce stress and promote clear communication. This crystal encourages personal growth, balances emotions, and fosters a sense of serenity and well-being.





What is Amazonite?

Amazonite, also known as "Amazon stone" or "Amazon jade" due to its vibrant green color, which ranges from pale green to a deep turquoise shade, is a mineral that belongs to the feldspar group.

Known as The Hope Stone, it inspires a sense of inner power, increased intention, and a will to achieve your goals.

Amazonite has been popular for a long time, and history has it that it was the stone used to line the shields of the infamous Amazonian warrior princesses. Amazonite's elegance and splendor stretch millennia; it was also the gemstone that decorated Tutankhamun's temples and tombs and was used to build the tablets that comprised the enigmatic Book of the Dead. Aside with its historical links, the Amazonite stone is notable for its tremendous healing properties and profound connections to the heart chakra and the throat chakra. If you want to live deeper, stand tall and proud in your genuine energy, and manifest universal love, using Amazonite might be one of the greatest decisions you ever make.

Today, Amazonite continues to be highly valued for its aesthetic appeal and versatility. It is widely used in jewelry design, where its unique green hue adds a touch of elegance and freshness to various pieces. Jewelry makers and collectors appreciate its beauty and moderate hardness, making it suitable for a range of designs. Furthermore, amazonite is occasionally utilized in ornamental carvings, sculptures, and decorative objects, showcasing its versatility beyond jewelry.


Amazonite History and Origin


 Amazonite Meaning and Properties

Amazonite is believed to hold various meanings and symbolic interpretations,  in the realm of  spiritual practices. Here are some properties associated with Amazonite:


Mental and Emotional Healing


  1. Calm and Balance: Amazonite is often associated with promoting a sense of calmness and inner peace. It is believed to have a soothing energy that helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. This stone is thought to assist in finding balance and harmony in one's life and relationships.
  2. Communication and Expression: Amazonite is also associated with enhancing communication and self-expression. It is believed to help individuals express their thoughts and feelings with clarity, confidence, and assertiveness. It is often used to stimulate effective communication and to overcome communication challenges.
  3. Truth and Integrity: Amazonite encourages honesty, integrity, and authenticity. It is believed to assist in aligning one's actions and words with their true beliefs and values. This stone is associated with promoting truthfulness.


Spiritual Healing


  1. Throat Chakra alignment: As a throat chakra stone, Amazonite urges you to develop crystal-clear communication and set healthy boundaries. It will help you to leave the shadowy veil of judgment behind and get into the light. Whatever expectations others have of you are insignificant in comparison to what's inside of your own heart.
  2. Balancing intellect and intuition: Amazonite can improve the clarity and authenticity of the soul by tapping into both intellect and intuition. When we feel at ease in our own skin and are connected to our higher selves, we are invited to embark on a spiritual breakthrough and open our minds and hearts to unlimited potential.


Physical Healing


   Amazonite also has a number of physical healing benefits:

  1. Organ health boost: Amazonite's mellow vibrations might assist to balance out thyroid issues. Amazonite can efficiently help the body absorb calcium better, bringing a dose of energy back to your bones for people who suffer from a calcium deficit. Higher calcium levels can help hair grow glossy and strong in addition to improving bone health.
  2. Healing inflammation throughout the body: Amazonite is also excellent in assisting cell regeneration and may be a great pick-me-up, especially after an illness, accident, or a dip in physical health. Rubbing Amazonite over a rash may also help keep it clean and pain-free. People who suffer from skin problems, and even acne, may benefit from it.


Amazonite Virgo Birthstone


Best Zodiac Sign


  • Cosidered a birthstone for Virgos


Amazonite is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo and is considered a birthstone for individuals born under this sign. Virgos are known for their hardworking nature, reliability, patience, and kindness. However, they can also be prone to shyness and overthinking, which can lead to self-doubt.


Virgos often have high expectations of themselves and can be their own harshest critics. They may struggle to live up to their own standards and find it challenging to cultivate self-respect. Amazonite, with its nurturing properties, encourages kindness and helps to restore a sense of balance for Virgos.


By working with Amazonite, Virgos can foster self-compassion, embrace their strengths, and let go of self-imposed pressures and judgments. It supports the growth of self-respect and assists in finding a more balanced and nurturing approach to themselves and their relationships with others.


Care Guide

Taking proper care of your Amazonite jewelry will help maintain its beauty and longevity. Here are some tips on how to care for Amazonite:


  1. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals: Amazonite is sensitive to chemicals, so it's important to avoid exposing it to harsh substances such as cleaning agents, perfumes, cosmetics, and hairsprays. These chemicals can dull the gemstone's luster or even cause damage. Be sure to remove your Amazonite jewelry before applying any such substances.

  2. Protect from physical damage: Amazonite is a relatively soft gemstone, so it can be prone to scratches and chips if not handled with care. It is advisable to store your Amazonite jewelry in a separate compartment or a soft pouch to prevent it from coming into contact with harder materials that could cause damage.

  3. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures: Extreme temperatures can have adverse effects on Amazonite. Avoid subjecting your jewelry to sudden temperature changes, as this can cause the gemstone to crack or fracture. It's best to remove your Amazonite jewelry before engaging in activities involving high temperatures or sudden temperature fluctuations, such as hot showers, saunas, or outdoor activities in extreme weather conditions.

  4. Gentle cleaning: To clean your Amazonite jewelry, use a mild soap or a gentle jewelry cleaning solution diluted in lukewarm water. Use a soft cloth or a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently scrub the gemstone, paying attention to any hard-to-reach areas. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners, as they may damage the stone.

  5. Store properly: When you're not wearing your Amazonite jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing it alongside other jewelry pieces to prevent scratches or tangling. It's a good idea to wrap the jewelry in a soft cloth or place it in a padded jewelry box to protect it from physical damage.


By following these care tips, you can ensure that your Amazonite jewelry remains beautiful and well-preserved for years to come.

Check out our beginner-friendly Cleansing, Charging, and Programming Guide if you're still unsure about what exactly needs to be done in order to maintain your crystal's best energetic shape.

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Final Thoughts


Amazonite is a captivating gemstone with a rich history, meaningful symbolism, and versatile properties, that has been cherished by ancient civilizations and continues to be highly valued today. Amazonite's vibrant green color, associated with calmness and balance, makes it a popular choice for jewelry creation. Its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing properties contribute to its appeal. 

Sometimes we all need a little extra help to overcome those patterns of self-sabotage and amp up our self-love game, and this is when we should consider the benefits of Amazonite. Perhaps it's time to say goodbye to all the negative energy that might follow you around and instead say yes to valuing yourself and living in the light of total honesty, confidence, and open communication. With this marvelous stone, you can be your own savior.



Q: What is Amazonite?

A: Amazonite is a mineral that belongs to the feldspar group and is known for its vibrant green-blue color.

Q: Where does Amazonite get its name from?

A: Amazonite is named after the Amazon River, although it is not actually sourced from the Amazon region.

Q: What are the physical healing properties of Amazonite?

A: Amazonite is believed to balance thyroid problems, help cells regenerate, improve calcium absorption, and promote healthy hair and skin.

Q: Which zodiac sign is associated with Amazonite?

A: Amazonite is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo.

Q: What emotional healing properties does Amazonite have?

A: Amazonite soothes anxiety, aids in healing past trauma, boosts self-esteem and encourages self-care.

Q: What chakra is Amazonite connected to?

A: Amazonite is primarily associated with the throat chakra, promoting clear communication and self-expression.

Q: Can Amazonite be used for making jewelry?

A: Yes, amazonite is a popular gemstone for creating various types of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, and beaded jewelry.

Q: What historical significance does Amazonite have?

A: Amazonite has been cherished by ancient civilizations for its vibrant green color and was used in jewelry, amulets, and ceremonial objects.

Q: Where is Amazonite found?

A: Amazonite is found in various parts of the world, including Brazil, Russia, India, Madagascar, and the United States.

Q: How should I care for my Amazonite jewelry?

A: To care for Amazonite jewelry, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, protect it from physical damage, and store it properly when not in use.

Q: What is the meaning of Amazonite?

A: Amazonite is associated with calmness, balance, communication, truth, integrity, and self-expression.

Q: Can Amazonite help with self-esteem?

A: Yes, amazonite is known to boost self-esteem and encourage a positive self-image.

Q: Does Amazonite have spiritual healing properties?

A: Yes, Amazonite is believed to tap into intellect and intuition, promoting clarity and authenticity in the spiritual realm.

Q: Can Amazonite help in healing relationships?

A: Amazonite's soothing energy and communication-enhancing properties can contribute to healing and improving relationships.

Q: Can Amazonite be used for meditation?

A: Yes, amazonite can be used in meditation to enhance communication with the higher self and promote inner clarity.

Q: Does Amazonite have any connections to ancient cultures?

A: Yes, amazonite was valued by ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Mayans, and Aztecs for its beauty and metaphysical properties.

Q: Can Amazonite be used as a protective stone?

A: While not traditionally considered a protective stone, amazonite's calming energy can help reduce stress and anxiety, providing a sense of emotional protection.

Q: What other gemstones complement Amazonite?

A: Gemstones such as clear quartz, rose quartz, and lapis lazuli can complement amazonite in jewelry designs.

Q: Is Amazonite suitable for daily wear?

A: Amazonite is relatively soft, so it may require more careful handling and protection compared to harder gemstones. However, it can be suitable for daily wear with proper care.

Q: What makes Amazonite a sought-after gemstone?

A: Amazonite's vibrant color, versatility in jewelry design, and its associations with balance, communication, and healing contribute to its popularity and desirability.

Q: Can Amazonite go in water?

A: Amazonite is usually somewhere around 6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which means it’s safe for it to go in water, however, do not leave it fully submerged for long periods of time.


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