Bracelet Size Guide

Size S fits wrists smaller than 5.5" (15.5cm).
Size M fits wrists from 5.5" to 6.5" (15.5cm to 18cm).
Size L fits wrists larger than 6.5" (18cm).

In between 2 sizes?
Go with the larger one.

Authentic AAA Grade Gemstones
Authentic AAA Grade Gemstones

Blue Apatite Bracelet



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Authentic Blue Apatite (AA Grade).

Meaning & Spirituality

  • "I communicate clearly and confidently."
  • Blue Apatite is the motivation and inspiration stone. Known as the Stone of Manifestation, its vibrant energy stimulates communication, self-expression, and clarity of thought.
  • Element: Air.
  • Chakras: Throat, Third Eye.
  • Zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn.

Materials & Details

  • Blue Apatite (Grade AA, Natural, 8mm gemstones)
  • Stainless Steel.

Care Guide

  • Clean gently using a damp soft cloth.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Handle with care to prevent scratches.

Natural gemstones & crystals.

2-year warranty.

30-day returns & exchanges.

Customer service: +1 801 346 7837

Q: What is Blue Apatite?

A: Blue Apatite is a phosphate mineral with a stunning blue color, often found in igneous rocks and used for its vibrant aesthetics in jewelry and its exquisite beauty.

Q: How do I care for
my bracelet?

A: To care for your gemstone bracelet, you should avoid exposing it to high heat or sunlight, as this can
cause the color to fade. You can clean your Blue Apatite bracelet by gently wiping it with
a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive

Q: Can my Blue Apatite go
in water?

A: No, Blue Apatite cannot go in water as it’s a relatively soft stone and it might
get damaged.

Q: How to cleanse my Blue Apatite bracelet?

A: To cleanse your bracelets, use methods like placing them on Selenite, using incense, or visualizing white light surrounding and purifying the crystals. Avoid water to preserve the bracelet's integrity.

Q: How to recharge my Blue Apatite bracelet?

A: Place your stones bracelet under moonlight/sunlight for a few hours, set positive intentions, and visualize the energy renewing. Alternatively, use incense smoke or a Selenite charging plate for a quick energy boost. Regular recharging ensures optimal crystal effectiveness.

Q: Which wrist should I wear my blue Apatite bracelet on?

A: Always remember, your left/non-dominant hand is your receiving hand, and your  right/dominant hand is your giving hand. For Blue Apatite bracelet, wearing it on your left wrist is
the best option.

Q: What are Blue Apatite's meaning & properties?

A: Blue Apatite Meaning - Enhances communication, clarity, and self-expression. Promotes motivation and creativity. Known for stimulating psychic abilities and spiritual attunement.

Q: How do I choose the right crystal?

A: Consider your intentions and what energies you're drawn to. Trust your instincts – pick the crystal that resonates with you. It's about finding the right match for your energy and goals.

Q: What makes it suitable for everyday wear?

A: It is not only a captivating beauty but also versatile for everyday wear. Its soothing blue hues complement any outfit while stimulating creativity and self-expression throughout your day.

Q: How does it relate to the throat chakra?

A: It is deeply connected to the throat chakra, facilitating clear communication and self-expression. Worn regularly, it helps clear blockages, allowing one to embrace their true potential and speak their truth with clarity and confidence.

Q: What are some of the metaphysical properties?

A: Blue Apatite is renowned for its metaphysical properties. It stimulates intellect, creativity, and motivation, empowering individuals to manifest their desires and live a positive, fulfilling life.

Q: How do you measure the wrist size for this bracelet?

A: To ensure a perfect fit, measure your wrist snugly and add half an inch to an inch, depending on your preference for comfort.

Q: Can you describe the craftsmanship and elegance?

A: Crafted with elegance and attention to detail, the Blue Apatite Bracelet exudes sophistication. Each bead is meticulously selected and strung together to create a piece that embodies both style and healing energy.

Q: How does it help my life?

A: Wearing the Blue Apatite promotes healing and positivity by clearing negativity and calming the mind. Its energy stimulates creativity and intellect, helping individuals to discover their true power and embrace life's opportunities.

Q: How does it stimulate creativity?

A: It stimulates creativity and knowledge by enhancing one's intellect and clarity of thought. Wearing it encourages exploration and self-discovery, allowing individuals to tap into their innate abilities and express themselves freely.

Q: How does it determine one’s manifestation and motivation?

A: Blue Apatite empowers individuals to manifest their desires and stay motivated on their journey. Its positive energy aligns with the wearer's intentions, amplifying their ability to attract abundance and success in all aspects of life.

Incorporating it into your everyday wear not only adds an elegant touch to your outfit but also serves as a powerful tool for personal growth and self-expression. Its captivating beauty and metaphysical properties make it a must-have accessory for anyone seeking clarity, positivity, and the courage to embrace their true potential.