Bracelet Size Guide

Size S fits wrists smaller than 6" (15.5cm).
Size M fits wrists from 6" to 7" (15.5cm to 18cm).
Size L fits wrists larger than 7" (18cm).

In between 2 sizes?
Go with the larger one.

Anti-Anxiety Bracelet Pack

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Gemstones size:



Bracelet Size:


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Anti-Anxiety Bracelets

Anti-Anxiety Bracelets promote inner peace. Howlite calms the mind, Amethyst brings tranquility and Rhodonite nurtures emotional healing. Wear these gemstones to release anxiety's grip.


  • Howlite is the soothing stone.
  • "I stay calm in stressful situations."
  • Element: Air.
  • Chakras: Crown.


  • Amethyst is the peace-of-mind stone.
  • "I am letting go of fear and embracing peace."
  • Element: Air.
  • Chakras: Third eye, Crown.


  • Rhodonite is the compassion and nurturing stone.
  • "I am kind and compassionate to myself and others."
  • Element: Earth and Fire.
  • Chakras: Heart, Root.

    Size: 7” one-size-fits-all.


      • Howlite (Grade AAA, Natural, 4mm gemstones)
      • Amethyst (Grade AAA, Natural, 4mm gemstones)
      • Rhodonite (Grade AAA, Natural, 4mm gemstones)
      • Stainless Steel.

      Care Guide

      • Clean gently using a damp soft cloth.
      • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
      • Handle with care to prevent scratches.

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