Bracelet Size Guide

Size S fits wrists smaller than 5.5" (15.5cm).
Size M fits wrists from 5.5" to 6.5" (15.5cm to 18cm).
Size L fits wrists larger than 6.5" (18cm).

In between 2 sizes?
Go with the larger one.

Authentic AAA Grade Gemstones
Garnet Bracelet 8mm wrist
Garnet reg 8 mm
Garnet Bracelet 8mm wrist 2
Authentic AAA Grade Gemstones

Garnet Bracelet



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Bracelet Size:


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Authentic Garnet (Natural).

Meaning & Spirituality

  • "I am passionate and loving."
  • Garnet is the passion stone. Its deep red hue invites love, courage, and strength. Garnet will energize your spirit and ignite your inner fire.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Chakras: Root.
  • Zodiac signs: Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra.

    Materials & Details

    • Garnet (Natural, 8mm gemstones)
    • Stainless Steel.

    Care Guide

    • Clean gently using a damp soft cloth.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    • Handle with care to prevent scratches.

    Natural gemstones & crystals.

    2-year warranty.

    30-day returns & exchanges.

    Customer service: +1 801 346 7837

    Q: What is Garnet?

    A: Garnet is a mineral often found in metamorphic rocks, prized for its deep red color, and commonly used for jewelry.

    Q: How do I care for my Garnet bracelets?

    A: To care for your Garnet bracelets, you should avoid exposing them to high heat or sunlight, as this can cause the color to fade. You can clean your Garnet bracelets by gently wiping them with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid using harsh
    chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

    Q: Can my Garnet bracelet go in water?

    A: Yes, Garnet bracelets can go in water, however, you should avoid leaving them submerged for longer periods of time.

    Q: How to cleanse my Garnet bracelet?

    A: To cleanse your Garnet bracelets, use methods like placing them on Selenite, using incense, or visualizing white light surrounding and purifying the
    crystals. Avoid water to preserve the bracelet's integrity.

    Q: How to recharge my Garnet bracelets?

    A: Place your garnet bracelets under moonlight/sunlight for a few hours, set positive intentions, and visualize the energy renewing. Alternatively, use incense smoke or a Selenite charging plate for a quick energy boost. Regular recharging ensures optimal crystal effectiveness.

    Q: Which wrist should I wear my Garnet bracelets on?

    A: Always remember, your left/non-dominant hand is your receiving hand, and your right/dominant hand is your giving hand. For Garnet bracelets, wearing them on your right wrist is the best option.

    Q: What are Garnet's meaning & properties?

    A: Garnet Meaning - Garnet is a powerful gemstone symbolizing passion, energy, and vitality. It inspires love, devotion, and strength. This crystal activates and balances the root chakra, providing grounding and a boost of motivation.

    Q: How do I choose the right crystal?

    A: Consider your intentions and what energies you're drawn to. Trust your instincts – pick the crystal that resonates with you. It's about finding the
    right match for your energy and goals.

    Q: How do garnet bracelets compare to other garnet jewelry like necklaces and rings?

    A: Garnet bracelets offer a unique way to showcase the beauty of garnets compared to other jewelry pieces like necklaces and rings. While garnet necklaces and rings can be statement pieces, bracelets provide a subtler yet equally stunning way to incorporate garnets into everyday wear.

    Q: Can garnet bracelets be paired with other types of jewelry?

    A: Yes, garnet bracelets can be paired with a variety of jewelry pieces, including garnet necklaces, rings, or even earrings. Mixing and matching different garnet jewelry items can create a cohesive and stylish look that complements any outfit.

    Q: What makes garnet bracelets ideal for everyday wear?

    A: Garnet bracelets are perfect for everyday wear due to their durability and versatility. The rich, bold color of garnets adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble, making them suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

    Q: How does garnet serve as a birthstone for January?

    A: Garnets are the traditional birthstone for January, symbolizing love, passion, and vitality. Wearing garnets jewelry, such as bracelets, allows individuals born in January to celebrate their birth month while adding a personalized touch to their accessories.

    Q: Can garnet bracelets be personalized for a loved one as a gift?

    A: Yes, garnet bracelets can be personalized to make a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a loved one. Consider adding a special charm or engraving to the bracelet to commemorate a significant occasion or express your affection.

    Q: Are there different styles of garnet bracelets available, such as multi-stone or marquise-cut designs?

    A: While we don't offer those styles, garnet bracelets come in various styles to suit different preferences. From classic single-stone designs to bold multi-stone arrangements or elegant marquise cuts, there's a garnet bracelet to match every style and personality.

    Q: How does white gold complement the brilliance of garnets in bracelets?

    A: White gold provides a stunning backdrop for the deep, rich hues of garnets in bracelets, enhancing their brilliance and vibrancy. The contrast between the icy tones of white gold and the warm tones of garnets creates a visually striking and elegant combination.