How To Charge Crystals - Beginner Friendly Guide

  • August 04th, 2023

 How to charge a crystal





What on Earth does charging a crystal even mean? You've just learned about cleansing your crystals and now people are telling you to charge them as well. 

So what is charging? And more importantly, why should you do it?

Charging involves infusing a crystal with energy to enhance its power and intention. Different crystals have unique properties and are associated with specific energies, such as love, protection, or abundance. It allows the crystal to reach its full potential and align with the user's intentions.

Charging a crystal is essential because it revitalizes and amplifies the crystal's natural energy, unlocking its full potential for various purposes. Crystals absorb, store, and transmit energies, and as they interact with their environment or are used in healing practices, they may lose some of their vitality over time. Charging is a process that infuses the crystal with fresh, high-vibrational energy, replenishing its power and enhancing its effectiveness.

When a crystal is charged, it aligns with the intentions and desires of the person using it, creating a synergistic connection between the crystal and the user. This charged state allows the crystal to resonate at a higher frequency, making it more receptive to positive energies and intentions. Whether the goal is to enhance intuition, attract abundance, promote healing, or facilitate spiritual growth, charging the crystal with the desired intention empowers it to work in harmony with the individual's objectives.

By charging a crystal regularly, it remains in optimal energetic condition, serving as a potent tool for healing, meditation, manifestation, and spiritual practices. This connection between the crystal and its user fosters a meaningful relationship that can lead to transformative experiences and personal growth.



  1. Moonlight:
  •  Full Moon:

Charging crystals under the full moon is a widely practiced method to harness the moon's powerful energy and amplify the crystals' properties. During a full moon, the moon's radiant light and energy are at their peak, creating a potent and purifying force. This is the perfect time to charge crystals meant for healing, like Amethyst, Multi-Amazonite, or Howlite, or for love, with the intention of the love that is already there to grow deeper, using Rose Quartz or Red Jasper.

To charge crystals under the full moon, place them in a location where they will be directly bathed in the moonlight for several hours, ideally overnight. The moonlight infuses the crystals with a fresh surge of high-frequency energy, revitalizing their natural vibrations. This charging process enhances the crystals' abilities, making them more receptive to intentions and manifestations. The full moon's energy intensifies the healing properties of the crystals, making it an opportune time to connect with the lunar cycle and attune to the ebb and flow of nature's energy.

  • New Moon:

Charging crystals under the new moon draws upon the potent energy of new beginnings and fresh intentions. During the new moon, the moon appears dark in the sky, symbolizing a time of renewal and rebirth, making it the perfect time to charge crystals that will help you manifest new beginnings, transformations or awakenings, like Citrine or Labradorite; or new love coming into your life, like Rose Quartz or Rhodonite.

To charge crystals under the new moon, place them in a location where they will be exposed to the moon's gentle, yet profound, energy throughout the night. This charging method aligns the crystals with the intentions set by the practitioner, making them potent tools for manifestation, growth, and transformation. By harnessing the new moon's energy, you can tap into the cycle of creation and utilize the cosmic energies to embark on fresh journeys of self-discovery and manifestation.


Moon Cycles



  1. Sunlight:

Charging crystals under sunlight harnesses the life-giving energy of the sun to rejuvenate and amplify the crystals' properties. The sun, as a powerful source of light and energy, infuses the crystals with its vibrant rays, revitalizing their natural frequencies. To charge crystals under sunlight, find a sunny spot outdoors or near a window where the crystals can receive direct sunlight for a few hours. Sunlight charging is particularly effective during the early morning or late afternoon when the sun's energy is not too intense. The sun is associated with vitality, power, and clarity, making sunlight charging an ideal method for energizing crystals intended for strength, confidence, and vitality, like Sunstone or Bloodstone.

However, it's essential to exercise caution with certain crystals, as some may be sensitive to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine can fade or lose color intensity over time if placed in direct sunlight for extended periods.


Sunlight Spiritual Meaning



  1. Burying them:

Charging crystals by burying them is a time-honored and deeply symbolic method rooted in ancient traditions and folklore. This practice involves placing the crystals in the earth, either directly into the soil or in a container buried beneath the ground.

The earth is known for its grounding and nurturing energy, and burying crystals connects them to the profound forces of nature, enhancing their energetic properties. To charge crystals by burying them, choose a location that resonates with the intended purpose of the crystals. Depending on the crystals' needs and the practitioner's intentions, the charging period can vary, ranging from a few hours to several days or even a full lunar cycle. After retrieving the crystals from their earthen embrace, they are imbued with renewed vibrancy, aligning with the natural cycles of growth and transformation.

Charging crystals by burying them is a profound and respectful way to commune with the earth's ancient wisdom, fostering a deeper connection with the land and celebrating the enduring bond between humanity and the elements of nature.


Burying Crystals Meaning



  1. Incense with meaning:

Charging crystals with incense for different purposes is a versatile and sacred practice that combines the powerful energies of both the crystals and the chosen incense. Each type of incense possesses unique properties and correspondences, making it a perfect tool to infuse intentions into the crystals. When charging crystals with incense, practitioners select an incense that aligns with their desired purpose, such as love, protection, abundance, or spiritual connection.

For instance, using rose-scented incense while charging Rose Quartz can enhance the crystal's energy of love and compassion. Frankincense or myrrh incense can be employed to charge crystals intended for spiritual growth and meditation. All you need to do is hold the crystal above the burning incense, allowing the fragrant smoke to envelop the stone and infuse it with the incense's corresponding energy.

The act of charging crystals with incense not only enhances the crystals' effectiveness but also deepens your intention and connection to the crystals' properties. The aromatic smoke creates a sacred ambiance, elevating the charging process to a meditative and spiritually enriching experience. The combination of crystal energy and incense energy creates a harmonious and synergistic flow, making the charged crystals potent tools for specific purposes and manifestations. This practice beautifully integrates the natural elements of earth (crystals) and air (incense), fostering a profound connection between the human spirit and the mystical forces of the universe.


Charging Crystal with Incense



  1. Placing them in salt:

Charging crystals by placing them in salt is a simple and effective method that draws upon the purifying and cleansing properties of salt. Salt has been revered across cultures for its ability to absorb negative energies and restore balance. To charge crystals with salt, one can create a bed of salt in a bowl or container and then gently place the crystals on top of the salt.

This charging process is especially useful for crystals that have been used for healing or absorbing energies over time. After a few hours or overnight, the crystals' energy is refreshed and realigned, allowing them to function at their optimal level once again.

However, it is essential to be cautious with certain crystals, as some are sensitive to prolonged exposure to salt or may be damaged by it. For example, Selenite and other water-soluble crystals should not be charged using this method. Always consult the Mohs Hardness Scale to determine the compatibility of each crystal with salt (hint: if it’s under 6, it’s not compatible).


Salt Spiritual Meaning



  1. Breath:

Charging crystals with your breath is a unique and intimate method that taps into the power of your life force and intention. This practice harnesses the energy and consciousness present in your breath to infuse the crystals with your own vitality and positive intentions. To charge a crystal with your breath, hold it gently in your hands or place it near your mouth. Take a few deep and mindful breaths, directing your focused intention and positive energy towards the crystal. As you exhale, visualize a stream of light or vibrant energy flowing from your breath and into the crystal, enveloping it in a cocoon of empowering, refreshing energy.

Charging crystals with your breath is a portable and readily available practice, allowing you to recharge your crystals anywhere, anytime. Regularly engaging in this method deepens your bond with the crystals, fostering a harmonious and dynamic relationship that enhances the crystals' healing properties and amplifies their metaphysical energies. It exemplifies the interconnectedness between humans and the mineral kingdom, showing how we can consciously participate in co-creating and co-energizing our spiritual tools for growth and transformation.





  1. Visualization:

To charge a crystal with visualization, find a quiet and serene space where you can concentrate without distractions. Hold the crystal in your hands or place it in front of you, and close your eyes to enter a meditative state. Visualize a radiant and vibrant light surrounding the crystal, representing the energy and intention you wish to imbue it with. See this light flowing into the crystal, cleansing and activating its natural properties, aligning it with your desired purpose. As you hold this visualization, feel a deep and profound connection with the crystal, acknowledging its energetic presence and your intention merging as one.

Charging crystals with visualization allows for a personalized and meaningful experience. Your thoughts and emotions play a significant role in shaping the energy you project onto the crystal. By visualizing the specific intention, whether it is healing, protection, love, or manifestation, you create a strong alignment between yourself and the crystal, enhancing its effectiveness in supporting your goals and spiritual practices.

Practicing visualization regularly deepens your bond with the crystals and heightens your awareness of their metaphysical properties. It also strengthens your ability to focus and direct your intentions, empowering you to co-create your reality and manifest your desires with the aid of these potent mineral allies. Charging crystals with visualization is a beautiful and transformative way to explore the interconnectedness between the human mind and the crystal kingdom, unlocking a path of personal growth, spiritual development, and self-discovery.


Visualization Techniques



Final Thoughts 


Throughout this guide, we have explored a variety of charging methods, each with its unique significance and purpose. Whether you choose to charge your crystals under the moonlight, bathe them in sunlight, use the Earth's energy, or employ other charging techniques, the intention behind the process is key.

The act of charging crystals is not solely about enhancing their energy but also about cultivating a strong connection with them. By setting clear intentions, expressing gratitude, and infusing them with love and positivity, you can create a deep and meaningful bond with your crystals.

Remember that each crystal is unique and may respond differently to various charging methods. It is essential to trust your intuition and observe how each crystal resonates with specific charging techniques.

As you progress on your crystal journey, take the time to explore different charging practices and find what resonates most with you. Be patient, for building a strong connection with your crystals may take time and consistent care.

Moreover, keep in mind that charging is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. Just as we recharge ourselves regularly, crystals benefit from periodic recharging to maintain their vibrant energies and continue supporting us on our paths.

Lastly, let your heart guide you as you explore the wonders of charging crystals. Embrace the beauty and mystery of these precious gems and the infinite possibilities they hold in awakening your spirit and promoting personal growth. May your crystal charging experiences be filled with joy, enlightenment, and an ever-deepening connection with the energies of the universe.





Q: How can I charge my crystals under the full moon?
A: To charge your crystals under the full moon, place them outdoors or on a windowsill where they can directly absorb the moonlight.

Q: Can I charge my crystals during the new moon phase?
A: Yes, charging during the new moon is ideal for setting intentions and starting fresh. Place them in a sacred space and visualize your intentions.

Q: How does sunlight benefit crystal charging?
A: Sunlight provides a potent energy source to recharge crystals. Find a safe spot outdoors or on a windowsill for them to bask in the sunlight.

Q: Can I bury my crystals to charge them?
A: Burying crystals in the earth can ground and energize them. Make sure to mark the spot and retrieve them after the desired time.

Q: What role does incense play in crystal charging?
A: Burning incense can cleanse and charge crystals simultaneously. Pass the crystals through the incense smoke or let them sit nearby.

Q: Can I use salt for charging crystals?
A: Salt can be used to create a purified space for charging. Surround your crystals with salt and leave them for a few hours or overnight.

Q: How does breathwork contribute to crystal charging?
A: Your breath can infuse your intentions into the crystals. Hold the crystal in your hands, take deep breaths, and envision them being charged with your desires.

Q: What is the significance of visualization in crystal charging?
A: Visualization enhances the charging process by directing focused energy into the crystals. Envision vibrant light filling the crystals with positive energy.

Q: Can I charge multiple crystals at once?
A: Yes, you can charge multiple crystals together, either by placing them in a group or arranging them in a specific pattern.

Q: How long should I charge my crystals under the full moon?
A: Charging overnight during the full moon is common, but trust your intuition; some crystals may need more or less time.

Q: Can I charge crystals indoors if I can't place them outside?
A: Yes, you can place them on a windowsill or near an open window to receive moonlight or sunlight energy.

Q: What if I live in an area with limited moon or sunlight?
A: You can charge your crystals using other methods like visualization or by utilizing charging crystals (e.g., Clear Quartz) to transfer energy.

Q: Are there any crystals that don't require charging?
A: All crystals benefit from charging, although some, like Citrine, are believed to be self-cleansing and can help maintain the energy of other crystals.

Q: Can I charge my crystals on cloudy days?
A: Yes, both moon and sunlight energy can penetrate through clouds, so you can still charge your crystals on cloudy days.

Q: How often should I charge my crystals?
A: The frequency of charging depends on how often you use your crystals and the energy they encounter. Monthly charging is a good practice.

Q: Can I charge crystals with different intentions simultaneously?
A: It's best to charge crystals with similar intentions together to avoid mixed energies. However, you can charge them separately if needed.

Q: Can I use multiple charging methods for one crystal?
A: Yes, combining different charging methods can intensify the crystal's energy and your intentions.

Q: How do I know if my crystals are fully charged?
A: Trust your intuition. You may feel a surge of energy or a strong connection when they are adequately charged.

Q: Is there any harm in overcharging crystals?
A: Crystals won't be harmed by overcharging, but it's essential to be mindful of their energies and avoid overwhelming them with too much energy.

Q: Can I charge crystals for others?
A: Yes, you can charge crystals for others, but it's essential to respect their intentions and beliefs during the process.


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