Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Relationship, Health & More

  • March 25th, 2024





Three of Wands Keywords

  • Upright: Vision, Progress, Leadership, Ambition, Confidence

  • Reversed: Delays, Narrow-mindedness, Miscommunication, Impatience, Overwhelm



The Three of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Three of Wands is a compelling minor arcana card rich in symbolism, reflecting themes of self-confidence, foresight, and embarking on a journey into the future. In the foreground, there's a man standing confidently on a cliff edge, gazing out at a vast open space symbolizing the boundless potential and opportunities that lie ahead. His stance suggests assurance and readiness to embrace what the future holds.


The colors used in the card further enhance its symbolic depth. The vibrant hues of the sky signify optimism and hope, while the warm tones of the land below evoke a sense of vitality and energy. These colors represent the enthusiasm and passion that drive the seeker forward on their path.


Central to the imagery is the man's posture, indicating his belief in himself and his ability to navigate the challenges that may arise. With his back turned to the viewer, he looks towards the horizon, symbolizing his focus on the future and determination to move in the right direction.


The objects depicted on the card, such as the wands planted firmly in the ground, signify the seeker's commitment to their goals and the foundations they have laid for future success. These wands also represent creativity, inspiration, and the fiery energy needed to fuel one's endeavors.


Overall, the Three of Wands serves as a powerful reminder to trust in oneself, embrace the journey ahead with confidence, and remain open to the abundance of possibilities that await. It encourages the seeker to step boldly into the unknown, knowing that they are headed in the right direction towards a fulfilling and prosperous future.




Upright Three of Wands Meaning



General Meaning and Interpretation - Upright

The Three of Wands depicts a pivotal moment of personal development and growth within the realm of the Minor Arcana cards. In a Tarot reading, when drawn in the upright position, this card symbolizes a readiness to embrace change and embark on a journey of exploration and expansion. It represents the seeker's anticipation of the life ahead and their proactive approach to shaping their destiny.


At its core, the Three of Wands upright encourages the individual to step out of their comfort zone and venture into new territories. It signifies a period of optimism and excitement as one sets their sights on distant horizons, fueled by a sense of adventure and possibility.


In terms of personal development, the Three of Wands suggests that the seeker has reached a point where they are ready to take their aspirations to the next level. They have laid a solid foundation for their future endeavors and are now prepared to venture forth with confidence and determination.


This card invites the individual to trust in their abilities and embrace the unknown with an open heart and mind. It encourages them to be proactive in pursuing their goals and to remain receptive to the opportunities that present themselves along the way.


Overall, the Three of Wands in an upright position serves as a reminder of the limitless potential that lies within each of us. It urges the seeker to embrace change, seize the opportunities that come their way, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.



Upright 3 of Wands Tarot - Love Meaning

In a Tarot reading focused on your love life, the Three of Wands can carry various implications depending on the context of the relationship. For those in a long-distance relationship, this card may symbolize anticipation and optimism for the future, indicating that despite physical distance, both partners are aligned in their vision and committed to the journey ahead.


In the case of a new relationship, the Three of Wands serves as a promising sign, suggesting that the connection has the potential to grow and flourish over time. Similarly, for those in a committed relationship, this card signifies a period of expansion and mutual support, where both partners are actively working towards shared goals. Overall, the presence of the Three of Wands in a love reading is a good omen, indicating that the relationship is on the right track and filled with potential for growth and fulfillment.



Upright 3 of Wands - Career Meaning

In a career Tarot reading, the Three of Wands, a Minor Arcana card, often heralds positive developments, particularly regarding opportunities for expansion and advancement in one's professional life.


For those seeking new job prospects or considering new careers, it signifies a promising period filled with potential opportunities, possibly even a job abroad or a business trip to foreign lands. This card serves as a good omen, suggesting that taking proactive steps towards career growth will yield favorable outcomes. Additionally, for individuals content in their current job, the Three of Wands may indicate the potential for advancement or recognition, possibly leading to opportunities for working abroad or expanding one's professional horizons.


Overall, the Three of Wands in a career reading encourages individuals to remain open to new possibilities and to pursue their ambitions with self-confidence and determination.



Upright 3 of Wands - Finances Meaning

In a financial Tarot reading, the Three of Wands, as a Minor Arcana card, often signifies a period where one's hard-earned money is poised to yield fruitful returns. It suggests that the seeker's investments or financial endeavors are reaching a point of stability and growth. The card may indicate opportunities for expansion, such as venturing into new markets or exploring business ventures abroad, symbolized by the possibility of travel overseas.


The Three of Wands underscores the importance of building a stable foundation through diligent work and prudent financial management. It serves as a good omen, suggesting that the seeker's efforts will lead to good fortune and a better future financially. However, it also reminds them to remain vigilant and continue to put in the necessary hard work to sustain and maximize their financial gains.



Upright 3 of Wands - Health & Spirituality

In a health and spirituality reading, the Three of Wands upright signifies a great moment of progress and forward movement. This tarot card suggests that you are actively pursuing your well-being and spiritual growth. You are embracing new ideas and approaches to enhance your life on both physical and spiritual levels.


The Three of Wands indicates that you are open to exploring different practices and methods that can contribute to your overall health and inner harmony. It encourages you to trust in your intuition and to continue moving forward with confidence on your journey towards wellness and spiritual fulfillment. This card reminds you that by remaining proactive and receptive to new ideas, you can achieve profound transformations in both your health and spirituality.



Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning



Three of Wands Reversed Meaning

When the Three of Wands appears reversed in a tarot reading, its meaning takes on a different tone, signaling potential challenges and obstacles on the path ahead. The Reversed Three of Wands meaning suggests a period of self-doubt and uncertainty, where the seeker may question their abilities and lose confidence in their plans.


In this reversed position, the card advises the need for proper precautions and a reevaluation of one's strategies. It warns against rushing into ventures without careful consideration, as impulsive actions could lead to trouble moving forward. The seeker may feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, unsure of how to proceed.


You may be feeling frustrated as progress seems stalled or delayed. The reversed Three of Wands serves as a reminder that not everything will go according to plan, and setbacks are a natural part of life. However, it also encourages the seeker to persevere in the face of adversity and to seek alternative solutions when faced with challenges.


At its core, the reversed Three of Wands urges the seeker to confront their feelings of frustration and to find ways to regain their sense of direction. It may indicate a need to reassess priorities and realign goals with a more realistic perspective. By acknowledging and addressing any obstacles or doubts, the seeker can navigate through this turbulent period and emerge stronger and more resilient on their journey forward.



Reversed 3 of Wands Tarot - Love Meaning

In a love reading, the reversed Three of Wands reversed often indicates challenges and setbacks, particularly in the context of a failed long-distance relationship. This card suggests that the seeker may be experiencing self-doubt and uncertainty regarding their romantic prospects. The reversed Three of Wands meaning highlights a lack of progress and forward movement in the relationship, possibly due to communication issues or differing priorities.


When this card appears, it serves as a warning to address any underlying issues and reassess the direction of the relationship. It encourages the individual to confront their doubts and fears, and to communicate openly with their partner about their needs and concerns. Ultimately, the reversed Three of Wands urges the seeker to take proactive steps to resolve conflicts and rebuild trust in order to move forward in their love life.



Reversed 3 of Wands - Career Meaning

When the Three of Wands card appears reversed in a career reading, it often suggests delays or setbacks in one's professional endeavors. The seeker may encounter obstacles or challenges that hinder their progress towards their goals. This reversal could indicate missed opportunities or a lack of foresight in planning for the future.


In the context of career, the Three of Wands reversed may also symbolize a reluctance to explore new horizons or take risks. The seeker may feel hesitant to venture into unfamiliar territory or pursue opportunities in foreign lands. It could suggest a need to reassess one's approach and consider alternative paths forward.


Additionally, the reversal of this card may warn against impulsive decision-making, especially regarding travel overseas or taking on ventures with uncertain outcomes. It encourages the seeker to exercise caution and carefully evaluate their options before moving forward on their career path.



Reversed 3 of Wands - Finances Meaning

The Three of Wands reversed in a financial reading suggests a period of uncertainty and potential financial chaos. It indicates that the seeker may be facing obstacles or setbacks in their financial endeavors, causing them to feel overwhelmed or directionless.


Despite this, the card encourages the individual to remain hopeful and proactive in seeking a path forward. While the road may seem challenging, the Three of Wands reversed reminds us that opportunities still await, albeit requiring careful navigation and strategic planning. By reassessing their financial situation and being open to alternative approaches, the seeker can regain control and steer their life towards greater stability and prosperity. This card serves as a reminder that even in times of difficulty, there is always potential for growth and positive change in one's financial life.



Reversed 3 of Wands - Health & Spirituality

In a health and spirituality reading, the reversed Three of Wands tarot card suggests caution and a need for introspection regarding one's well-being and spiritual path. It indicates potential challenges or obstacles lying ahead in these areas of life. Health-wise, it may signal delays in recovery or setbacks in achieving optimal wellness.


Spiritually, it could signify feelings of stagnation or lack of progress in one's spiritual journey, perhaps due to doubts or distractions. This card encourages the individual to reassess their priorities and seek guidance or support to navigate through any difficulties. It reminds them that while setbacks may occur, they have the inner strength and resources to overcome them and continue moving forward on their path towards wholeness and spiritual fulfillment in the world.




Three Of Wands Q&A

Q: What Zodiac Sign Is the Three of Wands Linked To?

A: The Three of Wands is commonly associated with the fire signs of the zodiac, particularly Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These signs embody qualities such as passion, creativity, and enthusiasm, which resonate with the themes of the Three of Wands.


Q: What Does a Reversed Three of Wands Mean?

A: In its reversed position, the Three of Wands suggests delays, setbacks, and obstacles in achieving one's goals or plans. It may indicate a lack of foresight, impatience, or missed opportunities. This reversal calls for reassessment of current strategies and a need for flexibility and adaptability in approaching challenges.


Q: What Does the Three of Wands Mean in a Love Reading?

A: In a love reading, the Three of Wands signifies growth and expansion in a relationship. It suggests a period of exploration and shared vision for the future between partners. This card encourages taking proactive steps together, fostering a sense of adventure, and building a solid foundation for long-term commitment. Reversed, it may indicate a failed long distance relationship or long distance relationships.


Q: Did You Receive the Three of Wands in a Tarot Card Reading?

A: The Three of Wands is a card that often appears in tarot readings, indicating opportunities for growth, exploration, and expansion in various areas of life. Its presence suggests that you may be embarking on a journey of discovery or awaiting the fruition of your efforts.


Q: What does 3 of Wands represent?

A: The Three of Wands represents foresight, exploration, and expanding horizons. It symbolizes looking forward with confidence and planning for future endeavors.


Q: What is the Three of Wands guidance?

A: The Three of Wands guides you to embrace opportunities for growth and take proactive steps toward your goals. It encourages you to have a clear vision, be patient, and trust in your abilities to manifest your aspirations.


Q: What does the Three of Wands truly teach?

A: The Three of Wands teaches the importance of foresight and strategic planning. It reminds you to think long-term, anticipate opportunities, and be prepared to seize them when they arise.


Q: What does the Three of Wands in the past mean?

A: When the Three of Wands appears in the past position, it suggests that you have already laid the groundwork for future success. It indicates past efforts in planning and foresight that have contributed to your current position.


Q: What does wands mean in tarot love?

A: In tarot love readings, wands typically represent passion, energy, and action. Therefore, the Three of Wands in a love context may indicate a period of growth, exploration, and forward momentum within a relationship.


Q: What is the meaning of the Three of Wands?

A: The Three of Wands signifies progress, expansion, and foresight. It represents the anticipation of future success, the willingness to explore new possibilities, and the confidence to take proactive steps toward one's goals.


Q: What is the advice of the Three of Wands Tarot card?

A: The advice of the Three of Wands is to stay focused on your long-term goals, be patient, and trust in your ability to manifest your desires. It encourages you to remain open to new opportunities and be prepared to take decisive action when the time is right.


Q: Is Three of Wands a yes or no?

A: The Three of Wands is neither strictly a yes nor a no card. Its interpretation depends on the context of the question and surrounding cards in a tarot spread. However, it often suggests that success is achievable through careful planning and proactive measures.


Q: Is the Three of Wands a yes or no card?

A: The Three of Wands is not specifically a yes or no card in tarot. Its meaning is more nuanced and relates to forward-thinking, progress, and expansion. Its interpretation in a yes or no question would depend on the specifics of the situation and other cards drawn in the reading.


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