The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

  • November 13th, 2023

The Herophant




The Hierophant Keywords

  • Upright: Tradition, Authority, Spiritual Guidance, Mentorship, Wisdom
  • Reversed: Rebellion, Nonconformity, Challenge to Authority, Spiritual Crisis, Lack of Structure




The Hierophant Tarot Card Description


The Hierophant tarot card embodies tradition, spirituality, and guidance. Its predominant colors, regal gold and deep blue, symbolize divine wisdom and spiritual insight.

The Hierophant sits between two pillars, representing duality and the balance of opposites. His triple crown signifies mastery over the three realms of existence—mind, body, and spirit. The crossed keys at his feet unlock hidden knowledge and esoteric mysteries. The disciples before him symbolize the passing down of sacred teachings. In his right hand, he holds a triple-tiered cross, an emblem of spiritual authority.

The background, often adorned with religious symbols, reinforces the card's connection to established belief systems. This card urges embracing tradition while seeking spiritual enlightenment.




The Hierophant Upright


the Hierophant Upright


Upright, The Hierophant embodies tradition, spiritual wisdom, and adherence to established beliefs. Representing a spiritual guide or mentor, this card encourages seeking guidance from traditional sources, such as institutions or experienced individuals. It signifies a time for structured learning, adherence to rituals, and embracing established practices for personal growth.

The Hierophant suggests finding solace in tradition and recognizing the value of conventional wisdom. It can indicate a mentor entering your life or the need to serve as a mentor to others. Overall, this card emphasizes the importance of connecting with spiritual principles and established systems to navigate life's journey.

Crystals that align with the spiritual essence of The Hierophant include Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Fluorite. Amethyst enhances spiritual insight, aligning seamlessly with The Hierophant's emphasis on wisdom and tradition. Lapis Lazuli facilitates a profound connection to higher truths, complementing the card's spiritual journey. Fluorite, with its focus on mental clarity, supports structured learning and adherence to spiritual principles—a crystal trio tailored to enhance your journey into the realms of tradition and spiritual growth.



Upright Hierophant: Love

Upright, The Hierophant in love readings signifies a commitment to traditional values, such as marriage, and spiritual connection within relationships. It suggests finding solace in shared beliefs and structured foundations.

This card encourages seeking guidance from established sources, such as mentors or spiritual teachings, to deepen the emotional and spiritual bonds in the partnership. It implies a commitment to a relationship built on mutual respect, shared values, and a sense of spiritual unity, fostering a harmonious and enduring love connection.



Upright Hierophant: Career

In career readings, The Hierophant upright suggests a time of seeking guidance from established authorities or mentors within the professional realm. It signifies adherence to traditional practices and the wisdom of experienced figures.

This card encourages embracing structured learning, possibly through formal education or training programs. It may indicate a period of mentorship or the opportunity to take on a leadership role by upholding conventional values. Overall, The Hierophant signals a phase of spiritual and professional growth through adherence to established principles.



Upright Hierophant: Money

In financial readings, The Hierophant upright signals a need for traditional and structured approaches to money matters. Embrace conventional financial wisdom, seek advice from reputable sources, and adhere to established principles.

The Hierophant suggests that a mentor or financial advisor may play a crucial role in guiding your decisions. It's a time to follow fiscal traditions, honor commitments, and approach financial matters with a disciplined mindset, fostering stability and long-term prosperity.




The Hierophant Reversed


The Hierophant


Reversed, The Hierophant challenges conventional beliefs and questions established traditions. It may indicate a rebellion against societal norms, urging you to explore unconventional paths. 

This card signals a period of personal exploration and breaking free from rigid structures. Embrace your unique beliefs and challenge authority when necessary. However, be cautious of dogmatism or extreme nonconformity. It may signify a need for more freedom or a letting go of traditional expectations. Overall, The Hierophant reversed encourages thinking outside the box and forging your own spiritual or financial path.



Reversed Hierophant: Love

In love readings, The Hierophant reversed suggests a departure from traditional relationship structures. It may indicate a desire for non-conventional connections, challenging societal norms.

This card urges you to question established beliefs about love and partnership. It can signify a need for personal growth, exploration, or a break from societal expectations. Embracing uniqueness and unconventional paths may be essential for fostering deeper, more authentic connections in matters of the heart.



Reversed Hierophant: Career

In career readings, The Hierophant reversed suggests a need to break free from conventional structures. It may indicate a resistance to authority or a desire to explore non-traditional career paths. This card encourages thinking outside the box, challenging established norms, and embracing innovation.

It could signify a period of personal exploration and nonconformity in the professional realm. While caution is advised, embracing unconventional approaches may lead to unique opportunities and personal fulfillment, offering a chance to redefine success on one's terms.



Reversed Hierophant: Money

In money readings, The Hierophant reversed warns against blindly adhering to traditional advice and encourages exploring alternative approaches to wealth. This card may indicate financial rebellion or a reluctance to conform to societal expectations regarding money.

It urges a reassessment of financial beliefs, advocating for individualized strategies and a departure from rigid financial norms. Be cautious of dogmatic financial decisions and consider embracing a more flexible and unconventional approach to achieve prosperity.






Q: What does The Hierophant card upright symbolize in love?
A: Upright, The Hierophant represents commitment, tradition, and spiritual connection in love. It suggests a deepening of relationships through shared values and commitment to a higher purpose.

Q: How does The Hierophant card reversed impact love readings?
A: Reversed, The Hierophant may signify a need to question traditional relationship norms. It suggests breaking free from societal expectations and exploring unconventional paths in love.

Q: In career readings, what does The Hierophant card indicate when upright?
A: Upright, The Hierophant suggests a time of mentorship, structured learning, and adherence to established practices in the career realm. It may indicate seeking guidance from experienced individuals.

Q: How does The Hierophant reversed influence career readings?
A: Reversed, The Hierophant advises against blindly following traditional career paths. It encourages thinking outside the box, challenging authority, and exploring unconventional approaches to work.

Q: What financial advice does The Hierophant card offer when upright?
A: Upright, The Hierophant advises adhering to traditional financial principles, seeking guidance from experienced financial advisors, and embracing a disciplined and structured approach to money matters.

Q: How does The Hierophant reversed impact money readings?
A: Reversed, The Hierophant suggests a need to question traditional financial wisdom. It encourages exploring alternative financial strategies and breaking free from rigid financial norms.

Q: How does The Hierophant influence spiritual aspects of love when upright?
A: Upright, The Hierophant emphasizes a spiritual connection in love, urging individuals to seek a deeper understanding of their partner and embrace shared spiritual values.

Q: In love, how might The Hierophant reversed affect the spiritual dimension?
A: Reversed, The Hierophant encourages exploring unconventional spiritual paths in relationships. It suggests questioning traditional beliefs and embracing a more individualized approach to spiritual connection.

Q: What advice does The Hierophant offer for career growth when upright?
A: Upright, The Hierophant advises seeking mentorship, embracing traditional career paths, and focusing on structured learning to achieve professional growth.

Q: How does The Hierophant reversed impact career growth advice?
A: Reversed, The Hierophant urges individuals to consider unconventional career paths, challenge authority, and explore non-traditional avenues for professional development.

Q: What financial challenges might The Hierophant card signal when upright?
A: Upright, The Hierophant may indicate challenges related to adhering too strictly to traditional financial advice or being overly cautious. It encourages finding a balance between tradition and innovation.

Q: In money readings, how does The Hierophant reversed suggest overcoming challenges?
A: Reversed, The Hierophant advises overcoming financial challenges by thinking creatively, embracing non-traditional investments, and being open to innovative financial approaches.


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