The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

  • November 21th, 2023

Hermit Tarot




The Hermit Keywords

  • Upright: Solitude, Wisdom, Spiritual Enlightenment, Seeking Meaning, Inner Guidance
  • Reversed: Isolation, Loneliness, Stubbornness, Withdrawal, Confusion





The Hermit Tarot Card Description


The Hermit Tarot Card depicts a cloaked figure standing atop a mountain, holding a lantern aloft, symbolizing the seeker's quest for inner enlightenment. The mountain signifies the challenges one must overcome to attain wisdom. The lantern represents the guiding light of introspection, illuminating the path of self-discovery. The cloak suggests isolation, a deliberate retreat from the external world to focus inward.

The snow-covered peaks indicate purity and the transformative power of solitude. The staff in the Hermit's hand signifies spiritual authority. The dominant colors, deep blues and purples, evoke a sense of mystery and spiritual depth, while the muted browns symbolize grounding in practical wisdom.




The Hermit Upright


Hermit Tarot


Upright, The Hermit in Tarot embodies introspection and inner guidance. It signifies a period of solitude undertaken willingly for self-discovery and enlightenment. This card encourages embracing alone time, seeking wisdom through introspection, and trusting one's intuition. It suggests a quest for deeper truths and spiritual understanding.

The Hermit serves as a wise mentor, advocating for the value of learning from personal experiences. This tarot card is a beacon of light in the darkness, illuminating the path to inner wisdom. It encourages a temporary withdrawal from external influences to find clarity, make informed decisions, and develop a profound connection with one's true self.

Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Fluorite effortlessly resonate with the introspective energy of The Hermit in the Tarot. Lapis Lazuli illuminates the path to inner truth and clarity, Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and connection, and Fluorite fosters mental clarity and insight. Together, they encourage a balanced and contemplative approach to introspection, symbolizing the inner strength needed to navigate life's challenges with grace and enlightenment. 



Upright Hermit: Love

In love readings, The Hermit upright suggests a period of introspection within a relationship. It encourages partners to take a step back individually, fostering self-discovery and personal growth. This card advocates for communication with oneself to better understand one's needs and desires, ultimately enhancing the connection with a partner.

It may indicate a time of solitude to strengthen the bond through deeper emotional insight. The Hermit encourages patience, emphasizing that the journey toward a profound and authentic connection requires self-awareness and a deliberate exploration of inner sentiments.



Upright Hermit: Career

In career readings, The Hermit upright signifies a period of focused introspection and solitary work. It suggests that professional growth comes from within, advocating for a strategic retreat to assess goals and gain clarity. This card encourages embracing individual expertise, trusting intuition, and seeking mentorship.

It may indicate a time for specialized learning or pursuing a path that aligns with personal values. The Hermit in career readings underscores the importance of self-discovery and wisdom as key components for advancement and success in one's professional journey.



Upright Hermit: Money

In financial readings, The Hermit upright suggests a strategic and introspective approach to money matters. It advises taking a step back to assess financial goals, spending habits, and investments. This card encourages disciplined budgeting and wise financial decisions based on a deep understanding of one's financial situation.

Embracing a frugal mindset may lead to long-term stability. The Hermit signals that financial success lies in thoughtful planning, patient investments, and a focus on personal financial wisdom, aligning with the card's overall theme of introspection and careful consideration.




The Hermit Reversed


Hermit Tarot


Reversed, The Hermit in tarot signals a reluctance to embrace solitude and introspection. It suggests a fear of facing inner truths, hindering personal growth. The reversed Hermit may also advise against isolation, urging one to seek guidance from others and participate more actively in social or professional spheres; trust your intuition on this one.

It may indicate a period of confusion or feeling lost. Embracing external influences, seeking collaboration, and avoiding stubborn self-reliance become crucial. This card serves as a reminder to balance introspection with social engagement and to be open to the wisdom offered by external sources.



Reversed Hermit: Love

In love readings, The Hermit reversed suggests a hesitancy to engage in introspection and emotional vulnerability. It warns against isolating oneself emotionally or resisting the guidance of a partner. This card may indicate a reluctance to open up, hindering the depth of connections. It encourages individuals to break free from self-imposed emotional barriers, fostering communication and mutual understanding.

The reversed Hermit emphasizes the importance of shared experiences and the need for emotional reciprocity in relationships, urging a more open and collaborative approach to love and intimacy.



Reversed Hermit: Career

In career readings, The Hermit reversed suggests a reluctance to seek mentorship or collaborate with colleagues. It warns against isolation and emphasizes the importance of networking and teamwork for professional growth.

The card cautions against stubborn self-reliance, urging openness to guidance and insights from others in the workplace. This reversal may indicate a need to break free from a solitary mindset and embrace collaborative efforts for success. It encourages social engagement, mentorship, and a willingness to learn from coworkers to enhance one's career path.



Reversed Hermit: Money

In financial readings, The Hermit reversed suggests a risk of imprudent financial decisions stemming from a lack of introspection. It warns against impulsive spending, emphasizing the importance of seeking financial advice and avoiding isolation in money matters.

The reversed Hermit urges against stubbornly self-reliant approaches to finances, highlighting the need for collaboration and external input. It signals a potential lack of financial clarity and advises seeking guidance to navigate challenges. Caution is advised to avoid financial confusion and to foster a more open and receptive mindset toward external financial insights.






Q: What does The Hermit card upright signify in love readings?
A: The Hermit upright in love readings suggests a period of introspection, encouraging solitude for self-discovery. It advises taking time for personal growth before committing fully to a relationship. It may indicate a need for individual space within a partnership, fostering understanding and deeper connections.

Q: How does The Hermit card reversed influence love readings?
A: In love readings, The Hermit reversed warns against isolation and emotional withdrawal. It signifies potential communication challenges and a reluctance to open up. It advises seeking guidance from a partner or trusted friends to overcome relationship hurdles and fostering a more collaborative approach.

Q: What career insights does The Hermit card offer when upright?
A: The Hermit upright in career readings suggests a strategic and thoughtful approach to professional growth. It encourages introspection to identify personal strengths and career goals. This card signals that success lies in careful planning, skill development, and patient progress in the workplace.

Q: How does The Hermit reversed impact career readings?
A: The Hermit reversed in career readings warns against stubborn self-reliance and the reluctance to seek mentorship. It suggests a need for collaboration and openness to guidance from colleagues. This card may indicate a period of confusion or feeling lost professionally, urging one to seek support for career clarity.

Q: What does The Hermit card indicate for financial matters when upright?
A: The Hermit upright in financial readings advises disciplined budgeting and strategic financial planning. It signals a need for careful consideration of investments and expenditures, emphasizing long-term stability through wise financial decisions.

Q: How does The Hermit reversed affect financial readings?
A: The Hermit reversed in financial readings warns against impulsive spending and a lack of financial introspection. It advises seeking external financial guidance and avoiding isolation in money matters. This card signals a potential lack of financial clarity, urging caution to avoid confusion and embracing a more collaborative financial approach.

Q: In love readings, how does The Hermit upright influence personal growth?
A: The Hermit upright in love readings encourages personal growth through introspection. It suggests that taking time for self-discovery and understanding one's needs can lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Q: What does The Hermit reversed indicate about personal growth in love readings?
A: The Hermit reversed in love readings suggests a reluctance to engage in personal growth within relationships. It warns against emotional withdrawal and encourages individuals to open up and seek mutual understanding for personal development within partnerships.

Q: In career readings, how does The Hermit upright impact skill development?
A: The Hermit upright in career readings encourages focused skill development. It advises individuals to hone their talents through introspection, ensuring they are equipped for professional success through continuous learning and improvement.

Q: What does The Hermit reversed imply about skill development in career readings?
A: The Hermit reversed in career readings warns against a lack of openness to skill development and mentorship. It suggests that collaboration and seeking guidance from experienced colleagues are essential for professional growth and success.

Q: How does The Hermit card upright guide decision-making in financial matters?
A: The Hermit upright guides decision-making in financial matters by promoting careful consideration and thoughtful planning. It advises individuals to assess their financial goals, make prudent investments, and maintain a disciplined approach to budgeting for long-term stability.

Q: What caution does The Hermit reversed offer for decision-making in financial matters?
A: The Hermit reversed cautions against impulsive decision-making in financial matters. It signals the importance of seeking external financial advice, avoiding isolation, and fostering collaboration to make well-informed decisions and navigate potential financial challenges.


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