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  • April 28th, 2023
Tigers Eye Meaning




Tiger's Eye is known for its protective and grounding properties. With its golden-brown and chatoyant bands, it enhances confidence, courage, and focus, making it a powerful stone for personal empowerment and dispelling fear.





What is Tigers Eye?

Tiger's Eye, a mesmerizing gemstone, has a rich history and unique origins that make it a captivating addition to any collection. This extraordinary crystal, known for its distinct chatoyancy, exhibits a lustrous play of light that resembles the eye of a tiger, hence its name.

The Tiger's Eye stone is primarily found in South Africa, Australia, and Burma, with South Africa being a prominent source. The gem forms within metamorphic rocks, particularly in crocidolite asbestos, where it undergoes a transformation over millions of years. The result is a stunning combination of golden and brownish hues, showcasing the stone's chatoyant quality.

Throughout history, the Tiger's Eye crystal has been revered for its metaphysical properties and aesthetic appeal. In ancient times, Roman soldiers were said to carry Tiger's Eye for protection and courage during battles. The belief was that the stone provided them with a fierce and unwavering focus, much like the predatory instincts of a tiger.

The Tiger's Eye crystal, with its golden bands and silky luster, has been a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. It brings balance and stability, making it a popular choice for those seeking grounding energy in their lives. The crystal's connection to the Solar Plexus chakra enhances personal power, self-confidence, and the manifestation of one's desires.

Tigers Eye

From a geological perspective, Tiger's Eye ranks around 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, indicating its durability for everyday wear. This makes it not only a stunning addition to jewelry but also a practical choice for those who want both elegance and resilience in their accessories.

Tiger's Eye crystal has a deep-rooted connection to various cultures and belief systems. Its enchanting appearance and properties have garnered a devoted following. While some may consider the historical use by Roman soldiers anecdotal, many individuals today still turn to Tiger's Eye for its ability to instill courage and foster a sense of protection.

In the world of crystal enthusiasts, the Tiger's Eye crystal is often associated with promoting clarity of intention and helping one stay focused on their goals. Whether you're navigating the challenges of daily life or aiming for long-term success, this crystal will serve as a steadfast companion on your journey.

The Tiger's Eye crystal is not just a beautiful adornment but a time-honored gem with a story woven into the fabric of ancient civilizations. Its origins in the Earth's depths and its journey through time make it a symbol of strength, courage, and prosperity. Whether you're a collector, a crystal enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of nature's creations, the Tiger's Eye crystal is a timeless and alluring choice.

 Tiger Eye


Meaning and Properties

Tiger's Eye is a stone that has long been associated with various healing properties. Here are some of the more common Tiger's Eye stone meaning abilities:



Mental and Emotional Healing


1. Mental Clarity and Focus: 

Tiger's Eye, renowned for its mesmerizing golden-brown hues and distinctive chatoyant patterns, is celebrated not only for its aesthetic allure but also for its ability to enhance mental clarity and focus. The Tiger Eye crystal acts as a powerful ally in sharpening one's focus, allowing for a clearer and more decisive thought process.

Many people turn to Tiger Eye to harness its ability to dispel mental fog and encourage a heightened sense of awareness. Whether faced with the challenges of a hectic day or striving for increased concentration during work or study sessions, the Tiger Eye crystal will provide the mental clarity needed to navigate complexities with confidence.

Carrying the positive energy of the Tiger Eye will create an environment conducive to concentration and mental acuity. The crystal's vibrations promote a sense of empowerment and self-assurance. Whether worn as Tigers Eye jewelry or kept in a workspace, the Tiger Eye is often embraced as a companion in the pursuit of promoting mental clarity and unwavering focus, making it a valuable asset for those seeking a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality in their daily lives.

2. Balancing Emotions: 

Tiger's Eye, with its warm golden glow, is not only a feast for the eyes but also a balm for the emotional body. Possessing remarkable emotional healing properties, the Tiger's Eye crystal is often sought after for its ability to bring balance and calm to the rollercoaster of emotions. By gently grounding the emotional body, this crystal alleviates feelings of fear and anxiety.

Enthusiasts of crystal therapy often turn to Tiger's Eye to navigate the complexities of the emotional landscape. It promotes emotional stability, fostering a sense of harmony and resilience in the face of challenges. Whether worn as a protective amulet or held during moments of introspection, the Tiger's Eye is embraced by those seeking a soothing influence for their emotional well-being, making it a cherished companion in the journey towards inner equilibrium.

3. Willpower and Motivation:

The Tiger's Eye gemstone, with its enchanting golden bands, is hailed as a powerhouse for motivation and willpower. Embodying the essence of self-confidence, the Tiger's Eye will ignite a flame of determination within its bearer. This captivating gem is often turned to when seeking an extra boost of motivation, as it stimulates the drive needed to overcome obstacles. Whether worn as a talisman or kept close during challenging endeavors, the Tiger's Eye gemstone is embraced for its reputed ability to infuse its wearer with a tenacious spirit, making it an ideal companion for those on a quest for unwavering willpower.

tigers eye


    Spiritual Healing 


    1. Grounding and Earth Connection:

    Tiger's Eye is known for its grounding properties, helping you establish a strong connection to the Earth and your physical existence. It assists you in staying present and connected to the energies of the natural world.


    2. Spiritual Protection:

    Tiger's Eye provides spiritual protection, by creating a shield of energy that helps ward off negative energy, psychic attacks, the evil eye, and unwanted energies, allowing for a safe and harmonious spiritual journey.


    3. Psychic Abilities Enhancement:

    Tiger's Eye enhances psychic abilities and intuition. It helps you develop and trust your inner guidance, opening pathways for spiritual insights, visions, and heightened perception.


    4. Balance of Yin and Yang Energies:

    Tiger's Eye embodies the balance of yin and yang energies, representing the harmony between the masculine and feminine aspects. It helps you integrate and balance these energies within themselves, promoting wholeness and spiritual alignment.


    5. Solar Plexus Chakra alignment:

    A powerful crystal for the solar plexus chakra, Tiger's Eye provides a warm and golden energy, which stimulates this chakra, promoting confidence, personal power, and self-esteem. It helps you overcome self-doubt, assert your boundaries, and embrace your inner strength. Tiger's Eye empowers the solar plexus chakra, fostering a sense of purpose, motivation, and harmonious personal expression.


    6. Sacral Chakra alignment: 

    The Tiger's Eye crystal is associated with the Sacral Chakra, the energetic center linked to creativity, passion, and emotional balance. Resonating harmoniously with this chakra, the Tiger's Eye will infuse the Sacral energy with warmth and vitality.

    Enthusiasts of crystal healing often turn to the Tiger's Eye to enhance their creative endeavors, foster emotional equilibrium, and awaken a sense of passion within the core of their being, making it a cherished tool for those seeking to align and activate the Sacral Chakra.

    7. Root Chakra alignment: 

    Its grounding and stabilizing energy helps to anchor and balance the Root chakra, promoting a sense of security, stability, and strength. Tiger's Eye instills a deep connection to the Earth, fostering a solid foundation for personal growth, vitality, and a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

    Tigers Eye



    Physical Healing


    1. Enhanced Circulation:

    Tiger's Eye improves blood circulation. It helps regulate blood pressure, enhance cardiovascular health, and promote healthy blood flow throughout the body.

    2. Strengthened Immune System:

    Tiger's Eye is associated with boosting the immune system. It supports the body's natural defense mechanisms, increasing resilience to illnesses and enhancing overall well-being.

    3. Vitality and Energy Boost:

    Tiger's Eye boosts vitality and physical energy. It helps combat fatigue, increase stamina, and provide an overall sense of revitalization.


    4. Healing broken bones: 

    Tiger's Eye possesses metaphysical healing properties that aid in physical healing, including the recovery of broken bones. 

    Tigers Eye



      Best Zodiac Signs


      Tiger's Eye, with its dynamic energy and captivating appearance, forms unique connections with various zodiac signs, influencing them in distinctive ways.



      For Leo, the regal and ambitious, Tiger's Eye is a perfect match. This crystal aligns with Leo's desire for recognition and success, instilling confidence and providing the strength needed to pursue their goals fearlessly.


      Known for their practicality and determination, Capricorns find a kindred spirit in Tiger's Eye. The crystal resonates with Capricorn's disciplined nature, offering support in navigating challenges with a grounded and focused approach. It serves as a symbolic talisman for achieving long-term success through steadfast determination.


      The intense and mysterious Scorpio discovers a powerful ally in Tiger's Eye. This crystal aligns with Scorpio's transformative energy, aiding in self-discovery and assisting them in navigating the depths of their emotions. Tiger's Eye encourages Scorpios to embrace change and harness their inner strength for personal growth.



      For Geminis, the versatile and expressive, Tiger's Eye provides stability amidst their dual nature. The crystal's grounding properties help Geminis stay focused, fostering mental clarity and enhancing communication skills. Tiger's Eye supports Geminis in adapting to different situations with grace and promoting a harmonious balance between their contrasting qualities.

      In essence, Tiger's Eye forms a dynamic connection with these zodiac signs, offering unique energies that complement their inherent traits. Whether as a source of confidence for Leo, a tool for success for Capricorn, a catalyst for transformation for Scorpio, or a stabilizing force for Gemini, Tiger's Eye emerges as a versatile and empowering crystal, enriching the journey of individuals born under these zodiac signs.

      Tigers Eye Bracelet


      Care Guide

      Tiger's Eye is a relatively hard and durable stone, but it still requires proper care to maintain its beauty and healing properties. Here are some tips for taking care of your Tiger's Eye:


      1. Cleaning:

      Clean your Tiger's Eye jewelry with a damp cotton cloth and mild soap. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners. Dry the stone thoroughly after cleaning.


      2. Storing:

      When storing your Tiger's Eye jewelry, it's important to keep it separate from other pieces to avoid scratches or damage. You can store it in a soft pouch or cloth to protect it from dust and other debris.

      3. Avoid exposure to heat and sunlight:

      Direct exposure to heat and sunlight can fade or damage the stone, so it's best to keep your Tiger's Eye jewelry away from sources of heat and light.

      4. Handle with care:

      Tiger's Eye is relatively hard, but it can still crack or chip if dropped or bumped against a hard surface. Be gentle when handling your Tiger's Eye jewelry.


        By following these simple tips, you can keep your Tiger's Eye jewelry looking beautiful and vibrant for years to come.

        Check out our beginner-friendly Cleansing, Charging, and Programming Guide if you're still unsure about what exactly needs to be done to cleanse Tigers Eye, as well as recharge and program Tiger Eye. 

        Tigers Eye Bracelet



        Final Thoughts

        Tiger's Eye is a remarkable crystal with a multitude of benefits. Its grounding energy, protective qualities, and ability to balance emotions make it a valuable tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

        Whether used for mental clarity, physical healing, or spiritual connection, Tiger's Eye offers a powerful and supportive energy that can help you in navigating life's challenges with confidence and resilience. Its mesmerizing golden-brown hues serve as a constant reminder of the strength, vitality, and inner power that resides within each of us.

        Embracing Tiger's Eye can bring a sense of stability, courage, and profound transformation to one's journey of self-realization and holistic well-being.






        Q: Can Tiger's Eye go in water?

        A: Yes, Tiger's Eye can go in water. However, as with most stones, avoid leaving it submerged for long periods, as this can damage the stone.


        Q: What is Tiger's Eye?

        A: Tiger's Eye is a gemstone known for its unique appearance, featuring a golden to reddish-brown color with striking chatoyancy, resembling the eye of a tiger.


        Q: Where is Tiger's Eye found?

        A: Tiger's Eye is found in various parts of the world, including South Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, and the United States.


        Q: What are the metaphysical properties of Tiger's Eye?

        A: Tiger's Eye brings strength, courage, and confidence. It enhances willpower, self-discipline, and determination.


        Q: Is Tiger's Eye a birthstone?

        A: Tiger's Eye is not considered a traditional birthstone for any specific month. However, it is often associated with the zodiac sign Leo.


        Q: How can Tiger's Eye benefit the wearer?

        A: Tiger's Eye helps in grounding energy, promoting focus, and increasing mental clarity. It also brings protection and good luck.


        Q: What chakra is Tiger's Eye associated with?

        A: Tiger's Eye is primarily associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the upper abdomen and is related to personal power, confidence, and self-esteem.


        Q: Can Tiger's Eye help with emotional balance?

        A: Yes, Tiger's Eye is believed to assist in balancing emotions and reducing feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress. It promotes harmony and inner calm.


        Q: Can Tiger's Eye be used for spiritual purposes?

        A: Tiger's Eye is often used for spiritual grounding and protection during meditation and spiritual practices. It connects one with their inner wisdom and intuition.


        Q: Does Tiger's Eye have any physical healing properties?

        A: Tiger's Eye aids in promoting vitality, supporting the immune system, and improving overall physical strength. It also helps with issues related to the eyes and throat.


        Q: How can Tiger's Eye be used in jewelry?

        A: Tiger's Eye is commonly used in various types of jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. It is often cut into cabochon or bead shapes to showcase its unique chatoyancy.


        Q: Can Tiger's Eye be cleansed and charged?

        A: Yes, Tiger's Eye can be cleansed and recharged by various methods, such as using moonlight, sunlight, or placing it on a bed of quartz crystals.


        Q: Is Tiger's Eye suitable for all zodiac signs?

        A: While Tiger's Eye is associated with Leo, it can be beneficial for individuals of any zodiac sign who seek its qualities of courage, confidence, and focus.


        Q: Does Tiger's Eye have any folklore or cultural significance?

        A: In ancient times, Tiger's Eye was believed to provide protection against evil spirits and bring good fortune. It has been used in various cultural practices and beliefs around the world.


        Q: Can Tiger's Eye help with decision-making?

        A: Yes, Tiger's Eye is often used as a stone for decision-making, as it enhances clarity, focus, and logical thinking. It can assist in making informed choices.


        Q: Can Tiger's Eye be used for manifestation purposes?

        A: Yes, Tiger's Eye supports manifestation practices by enhancing one's personal power, determination, and focus on goals.


        Q: Is Tiger's Eye associated with any animals besides tigers?

        A: While Tiger's Eye is named after the tiger due to its appearance, it is also associated with other feline energies and qualities, such as courage, agility, and intuition.


        Q: Can Tiger's Eye be used for protection?

        A: Yes, Tiger's Eye is considered a protective stone, which creates a shield against negative energies and psychic attacks. It is often carried or worn for personal protection.


        Q: Can Tiger's Eye help in building self-confidence?

        A: Yes, Tiger's Eye is often used to boost self-confidence and self-worth. It encourages taking risks, embracing challenges, and overcoming self-doubt.


        Q: Is Tiger's Eye associated with any particular elements?

        A: Tiger's Eye is associated with the Earth element, symbolizing stability, grounding, and practicality.


        Q: How can Tiger's Eye be used in Feng Shui?

        A: In Feng Shui, Tiger's Eye is used to attract wealth, promote harmony in relationships, and bring stability and protection to the home or workplace.


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