The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

  • December 29th, 2023

The Tower Tarot



 The Tower Keywords

  • Upright: Sudden Change, Liberation, Awakening, Transformation, Truth
  • Reversed: Resistance to Change, Stagnation, Denial, Repressed Emotions, Inner Turmoil




The Tower Tarot Card Description


The Tower Tarot card embodies abrupt, transformative change. The card illustrates a tall tower struck by lightning, indicating a dramatic upheaval. Flames erupt from the structure, symbolizing destruction and release. The people falling represent the abrupt nature of change, often beyond one's control. The background shifts from calm blue skies to tumultuous gray, signifying the chaos accompanying transformation.

Colors play a pivotal role; the fiery red and orange flames evoke passion and intense energy, while the ominous gray suggests uncertainty. The Tower's crown, now fallen, alludes to humbling experiences. The symbolic objects, like the crown and broken chain, reinforce the themes of liberation and revelation. The card warns of the necessity to embrace change, no matter how tumultuous, for eventual renewal and growth.




The Tower Upright


Tower Tarot


Let me start this by saying: The Tower is not an inherently bad card (as seen on social media). The Tower is all about the destruction of what is not meant to be, in order to make room for what is meant to be. Is this destruction painful? Yes. But will it be worth it in the end? Also, yes. 

Upright, The Tower Tarot card signifies sudden and impactful change. It heralds revelations, breakthroughs, and the dismantling of structures that no longer serve one's highest good. Like a lightning strike, it brings swift transformation, freeing you from outdated beliefs or situations. The card encourages embracing change as a path to personal growth, leading to a more authentic and resilient self.

Crystals resonating with The Tower's transformative energy include Labradorite, Malachite, and Black Tourmaline. Labradorite promotes change by enhancing intuition; Malachite encourages breaking free from negative patterns, and Black Tourmaline shields against disruptive energies. Embrace these crystals to amplify The Tower's positive aspects, fostering intuition, liberation, and protection on your journey of transformation.



Upright Tower: Love

In love readings, The Tower upright signals sudden and transformative shifts within relationships. It signifies the breaking down of old structures, paving the way for renewed dynamics. While initially unsettling, this change can bring clarity, exposing truths and fostering growth.

Embrace the upheaval as an opportunity for deeper connections, letting go of stagnancy. It encourages addressing underlying issues, promoting authenticity, and opening the door to a more profound and fulfilling romantic experience.



Upright Tower: Career

In career readings, The Tower upright signals unexpected and transformative shifts in your professional life. Sudden changes, though initially unsettling, pave the way for necessary breakthroughs. It advises embracing innovation and being adaptable to unforeseen circumstances.

This upheaval may indicate a swift end to outdated career paths, making room for new opportunities. While it can be challenging, the card encourages viewing these changes as catalysts for personal and professional growth, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and authentic career path.



Upright Tower: Money

In financial readings, The Tower upright suggests a sudden and significant shift in monetary circumstances. It signifies unexpected financial changes, which may include unforeseen expenses or a sudden windfall. While initially disruptive, it prompts a reevaluation of financial structures and encourages adaptability.

Embrace change, adjust your approach to money matters, and be prepared for both challenges and opportunities. The upheaval can lead to a necessary financial breakthrough, urging you to reconsider investments, expenses, and overall financial strategies for long-term stability.





The Tower Reversed


Tower Tarot


Reversed, The Tower card in Tarot suggests a resistance to necessary change. It signifies avoiding inevitable upheavals or denying crucial revelations. This is the one you should fear, as it hinders your growth.

The lightning strike, now averted, hints at postponed or suppressed transformations, often due to fear or unwillingness to face uncomfortable truths. The crumbling tower, though intact, implies a shaky foundation that may lead to delayed breakdowns if ignored. This reversal may indicate a temporary reprieve from chaos, offering a false sense of security. It prompts a cautious approach, urging you to address impending issues rather than prolonging the inevitable, as avoiding change may result in more significant challenges later.



Reversed Tower: Love

Reversed, The Tower in love readings suggests avoiding necessary but potentially disruptive changes. It signals a reluctance to confront issues, leading to emotional stagnation.

Relationships may linger in a state of denial, preventing essential growth. Fear of upheaval hinders authentic connection, urging caution in facing uncomfortable truths. While stability may seem secure, it's essential to address underlying issues for genuine emotional growth and stronger bonds. The card advises navigating challenges with honesty, embracing change, and fostering a more resilient love foundation.



Reversed Tower: Career

In career readings, The Tower reversed suggests a resistance to necessary change or an avoidance of upheaval. It may indicate a reluctance to confront issues hindering professional growth.

Rather than facing challenges head-on, there's a tendency to delay necessary transformations. This could lead to stagnation and missed opportunities. It's a reminder to address underlying issues, embrace change, and proactively manage challenges to avoid potential setbacks in one's career path.



Reversed Tower: Money

In financial readings, The Tower reversed suggests a resistance to necessary changes or an avoidance of financial upheaval. It may indicate delays in addressing financial issues or a reluctance to embrace transformative opportunities. While there might be a temporary illusion of stability, underlying issues persist.

It advises caution against ignoring financial red flags, urging a proactive approach to prevent potential crises. Embrace change and address financial challenges with foresight to avoid long-term setbacks and ensure a more secure financial foundation.






Q: What does The Tower Tarot Card upright signify in love readings?
A: Upright in love readings, The Tower suggests sudden but transformative changes in relationships. It can indicate revelations, letting go of outdated patterns, and rebuilding for a more authentic connection.

Q: How does The Tower Card manifest in career readings when upright?
A: In career readings, an upright Tower signifies unexpected shifts or breakthroughs, encouraging a fresh perspective. It may herald job changes, promotions, or the dismantling of old professional structures.

Q: What does The Tower reversed imply in love readings?
A: Reversed in love readings, The Tower suggests resistance to necessary changes or a reluctance to confront relationship issues. It warns against avoiding transformative conversations for the sake of temporary stability.

Q: How does The Tower reversed affect career readings?
A: In career readings, a reversed Tower warns of potential delays in addressing necessary changes. It advises against avoiding transformative opportunities and encourages a proactive approach to career challenges.

Q: How does The Tower upright influence money readings?
A: Upright in money readings, The Tower indicates sudden financial changes. While initially disruptive, it encourages embracing necessary financial transformations for long-term stability and growth.

Q: What does The Tower reversed suggest for money readings?
A: Reversed in money readings, The Tower warns against ignoring financial issues or delaying necessary changes. It signals a need for proactive financial management to prevent potential crises.

Q: How does The Tower upright impact overall life situations?
A: Upright, The Tower suggests transformative life events, pushing individuals out of their comfort zones. It advises embracing change for personal growth, even if it feels initially disruptive.

Q: What is the reversed Tower's influence on general life situations?
A: Reversed, The Tower urges caution against ignoring underlying issues in life. It signals a reluctance to face necessary changes and advises addressing issues promptly to avoid long-term setbacks.

Q: How does The Tower upright influence decision-making in relationships?
A: Upright in relationships, The Tower encourages honest communication and the dismantling of unhealthy patterns. It supports decisions that lead to genuine emotional growth and connection.

Q: What does The Tower reversed indicate for decision-making in relationships?
A: Reversed in relationships, The Tower suggests hesitation or avoidance in making necessary decisions. It cautions against ignoring issues for temporary stability and encourages facing relationship challenges head-on.

Q: How does The Tower upright impact career decisions?
A: Upright in career decisions, The Tower supports embracing change and pursuing opportunities for professional growth. It signifies a need for bold decisions that may lead to a more fulfilling career path.

Q: What does The Tower reversed advise regarding career decisions?
A: Reversed in career decisions, The Tower warns against avoiding necessary changes and encourages proactive decision-making. It signals potential delays or setbacks if transformative opportunities are overlooked.


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