The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

  • November 16th, 2023

The Chariot




The Chariot Keywords

  • Upright: Willpower, Ambition, Confidence, Direction, Assertiveness
  • Reversed: Lack of Control, Unfocused, Ego Issues, Setbacks, Conflict Avoidance




The Chariot Tarot Card Description


The Chariot tarot card is a powerful symbol of triumph and control. The card typically depicts a charioteer steering a chariot drawn by two contrasting sphinxes, one light, and one dark, representing the dualities in life. The charioteer's armor signifies protection and resilience. The square on his chest symbolizes balance, while the crescent moons on his shoulders represent the ebb and flow of emotions.

The chariot's canopy adorned with stars symbolizes cosmic guidance. The colors, often vibrant, suggest energy and determination, with red for passion and willpower, and blue for intuition and the subconscious. The overall imagery conveys a journey of mastery, overcoming obstacles with focused intent.




The Chariot Upright


The Chariot Tarot


Upright, The Chariot tarot card embodies triumph and assertive control. It signifies a victorious journey fueled by unwavering willpower and determination. The charioteer's confident posture and focused gaze convey mastery over opposing forces, steering them toward success. The dual sphinxes represent the need to balance conflicting energies, combining opposing elements into a harmonious forward momentum.

The card suggests a clear sense of direction, emphasizing the importance of maintaining discipline and harnessing inner strength. Overall, The Chariot in the upright position encourages embracing challenges with confidence, demonstrating resilience, and achieving success through sheer determination and strategic control. It's a symbol of overcoming obstacles and driving towards one's goals with purpose.

Sunstone, Tiger's Eye, and Bloodstone are some crystals that synchronize with The Chariot's dynamic energy really well. Sunstone boosts confidence, Tiger's Eye empowers courage and balance, and Bloodstone grounds strength for overcoming obstacles. This crystal trio amplifies The Chariot's essence, inspiring assertive determination and balanced navigation through challenges, symbolizing triumph and empowerment in every stride.



Upright Chariot: Love

In love readings, The Chariot signals a trimphant journey in relationships. It denotes a period of assertive control and shared victories. The card encourages couples to navigate challenges with determination and mutual understanding, fostering a deepened connection.

If you're single, you may find that your love life is on a purposeful and successful trajectory. The Chariot suggests embracing the drive for self-improvement and confidently steering the course of love, promoting a harmonious balance of passion and commitment in romantic endeavors.



Upright Chariot: Career

In career readings, The Chariot heralds a period of assertive advancement. It signals professional victory, showcasing the rewards of determined efforts and strategic planning.

This card encourages taking charge of one's career path, and confidently steering towards ambitious goals. Success is on the horizon, and obstacles can be overcome through sheer willpower and focus. It advises maintaining discipline, balancing conflicting forces, and leveraging one's strengths for a victorious career journey. The Chariot embodies the drive to achieve, guiding individuals towards career victories and recognition for their efforts.



Upright Chariot: Money

In financial readings, The Chariot signals a period of focused determination leading to success in monetary endeavors. This card encourages assertive decision-making, suggesting that financial goals can be achieved through disciplined planning and unwavering willpower.

It advises taking charge of financial matters, navigating obstacles with confidence. The Chariot implies that, with a clear direction and a strong drive, one can overcome financial challenges and steer toward prosperity, emphasizing the importance of maintaining control and discipline in monetary pursuits.




The Chariot Reversed


The Chariot Tarot


Reversed, The Chariot suggests a temporary loss of control or direction in one's journey. It warns against inner conflicts hindering progress and advises reevaluating goals. Financial or personal setbacks may be indicated, emphasizing the need for adaptability. Overconfidence or ego-related challenges might impede success.

The Chariot reversed urges caution against impulsivity, encouraging a more thoughtful approach. It implies stalled progress and the importance of addressing underlying issues before moving forward. This card signals a period of reflection, redirection, and the necessity to regain control over scattered energies to avoid further obstacles in one's path to triumph.



Reversed Chariot: Love

Reversed in love readings, The Chariot suggests challenges in maintaining harmony and direction in relationships. There may be a temporary loss of control or conflicting desires, leading to emotional turbulence. It advises against rushing decisions and advocates for introspection to address underlying issues. 

The Chariot reversed signals a need to reevaluate goals and communication strategies to overcome relationship setbacks. It prompts a more patient and considerate approach, emphasizing the importance of regaining emotional balance before progressing toward love's triumph.



Reversed Chariot: Career

In career readings, The Chariot reversed suggests potential setbacks or obstacles in professional endeavors. It advises caution against rushing into decisions without a clear plan, as impulsivity could hinder progress.

The card signifies a need for self-reflection and addressing internal conflicts that may be impacting work performance. Ego-related challenges or overestimating one's abilities may lead to stalled career growth. It urges individuals to reassess goals, cultivate patience, and regain control over their professional path, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning for sustained success.



Reversed Chariot: Money

In financial readings, The Chariot reversed suggests a need for caution and reassessment. Financial control may be slipping, leading to setbacks. It warns against impulsive decisions that can hinder monetary progress. 

This card advises a careful review of financial goals and strategies, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying issues before moving forward. Stalled progress may indicate the need for a more thoughtful and disciplined approach to monetary matters to avoid further setbacks and regain control over financial stability.






Q: What does The Chariot in the upright position symbolize?
A: The Chariot upright embodies triumph, willpower, and assertive control. It signifies overcoming obstacles and achieving victory through focused determination.

Q: How does The Chariot relate to love readings in the upright position?
A: In love readings, The Chariot suggests a journey of emotional triumph, indicating a strong and assertive connection. It encourages taking charge of the relationship with confidence and determination.

Q: What is the reversed meaning of The Chariot in tarot readings?
A: Reversed, The Chariot warns of a temporary loss of control or direction. It signals inner conflicts, setbacks, and the need for reassessment before moving forward.

Q: How does The Chariot influence career readings in the upright position?
A: In career readings, The Chariot indicates success through determined efforts. It encourages taking charge of professional goals, navigating challenges with confidence, and achieving recognition.

Q: What caution does The Chariot reversed offer in career readings?
A: Reversed, The Chariot suggests caution in career matters. It warns against impulsive decisions, ego-related challenges, and the importance of addressing underlying issues to avoid setbacks.

Q: How does The Chariot impact money readings when upright?
A: In money readings, The Chariot upright signals financial triumph. It advises disciplined planning and determined efforts to achieve monetary goals, overcoming obstacles with confidence.

Q: What does The Chariot reversed imply in money readings?
A: Reversed, The Chariot in money readings warns of financial setbacks and the need for caution. It suggests reassessing financial goals, addressing overconfidence, and adopting a more thoughtful approach.

Q: How does The Chariot influence relationships when reversed?
A: In relationships, The Chariot reversed may indicate challenges, conflicts, or a loss of direction. It advises reassessment, communication, and addressing underlying issues for relationship growth.

Q: Can The Chariot reversed suggest setbacks in love?
A: Yes, The Chariot reversed in love readings may indicate temporary setbacks, urging individuals to address challenges and reassess their emotional direction.

Q: What role does The Chariot play in achieving career recognition?
A: The Chariot in career readings signifies achieving recognition through focused efforts, determination, and taking charge of professional goals with confidence.

Q: How does The Chariot influence decision-making in money matters?
A: The Chariot advises assertive and disciplined decision-making in money matters, emphasizing the importance of a clear financial direction and strategic planning.

Q: What spiritual advice does The Chariot reversed offer?
A: Reversed, The Chariot suggests a need for spiritual reflection and realignment. It indicates addressing inner conflicts, reassessing goals, and regaining control over scattered energies for spiritual growth. 


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