Strength Tarot Card Meaning

  • November 20th, 2023

Strength Tarot




Strength Keywords

  • Upright: Courage, Confidence, Endurance, Control, Compassion
  • Reversed: Insecurity, Power Struggles, Impulsiveness, Overwhelmed, Losing Control




Strength Tarot Card Description


The Strength Tarot Card depicts a serene woman, often holding the jaws of a lion, showcasing a harmonious blend of power and gentleness. The background is typically a lush landscape, symbolizing nature's strength. The woman's white robe signifies purity, while the infinity symbol above her head suggests eternal strength.

The colors, predominantly yellows and reds, evoke vitality and courage. The lion, a symbol of raw energy, represents the untamed aspects of the psyche. Flowers in the scene denote beauty emerging from strength. The card embodies the controlled use of power, with the woman's calm demeanor illustrating inner strength triumphing over primal forces, creating a powerful visual metaphor for courage and resilience.




Strength Upright


Strength Tarot


In the upright position, the Strength card in the Tarot signifies an infusion of courage and inner fortitude. It embodies the strength to confront challenges with a calm and compassionate spirit. This card suggests tapping into one's reservoir of resilience and demonstrating unwavering confidence.

The symbolism of a gentle woman taming a lion illustrates the harmonious integration of power and compassion. Strength, in this context, advocates for facing difficulties with grace, mastering one's impulses, and maintaining control without domination. It encourages a fearless approach, emphasizing the innate ability to endure hardships, and showcasing an inner strength that radiates from a core of confidence and determination.

Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, and Garnet align seamlessly with the empowering energy of Strength in the Tarot. Lapis Lazuli brings forth truth and clarity, Hematite grounds and strengthens, while Garnet fuels the fire of courage. This crystal combination harmonizes to amplify the essence of Strength, encouraging a balanced and assertive approach to overcoming challenges. It symbolizes a triumphant journey towards empowerment, embodying the unwavering strength required to face life's obstacles with grace.



Upright Strength: Love

In love readings, the Strength card upright signifies a relationship strengthened by compassion, resilience, and understanding. It encourages a patient and nurturing approach to love, emphasizing the power of kindness over dominance.

This card suggests that true strength lies in emotional maturity and the ability to tame conflicts with a gentle touch. It symbolizes enduring love, where both partners support and empower each other, fostering a deep connection built on trust and mutual respect. The Strength card in a love reading signifies a union characterized by inner fortitude, courage, and the capacity to weather challenges together.



Upright Strength: Career

In career readings, the Strength card in the upright position suggests a powerful blend of confidence and resilience. It signifies the strength to navigate challenges with poise, showcasing leadership qualities. This card encourages a balanced approach, where assertiveness is tempered with compassion. It indicates a period where inner strength becomes a valuable asset in professional endeavors, promoting courage in decision-making and the ability to overcome workplace obstacles gracefully.

Embrace challenges with confidence, as success is likely when faced with a steadfast and composed demeanor, embodying the essence of strength in career pursuits.



Upright Strength: Money

In financial readings, the Strength card upright signals a robust and resilient approach to wealth matters. It advises using inner strength and confidence to navigate financial challenges.

This card suggests facing monetary issues with courage and determination, harnessing the power to make sound and assertive decisions. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining control over financial impulses and encourages a patient and steady financial strategy. Strength in a money reading signifies that  you possess the resilience and confidence needed to overcome obstacles and achieve financial success through disciplined and balanced financial practices.




Strength Reversed


Strength Tarot


In the reversed position, the Strength card in the Tarot signals a temporary lapse in inner fortitude and confidence. It may indicate moments of self-doubt, a lack of courage, or an inability to control impulses. The lion, once a symbol of tamed strength, may represent challenges appearing overwhelming or untamed. There could be a struggle to maintain composure in the face of adversity.

This card urges caution against impulsive actions and advocates for introspection to regain inner balance. Reversed Strength encourages acknowledging vulnerabilities, addressing insecurities, and taking steps to rebuild confidence, reminding that setbacks are opportunities for growth and self-discovery.



Reversed Strength: Love

In love readings, the Strength card reversed suggests a momentary challenge in maintaining emotional resilience and control. It may signify inner insecurities affecting relationships, leading to power struggles or feelings of vulnerability. The individual might grapple with self-doubt, hindering the ability to express love confidently.

This card encourages addressing emotional imbalances, fostering self-compassion, and embracing vulnerability to rebuild the strength needed for harmonious connections. It's a reminder that acknowledging and working through challenges can lead to a more profound and enduring love.



Reversed Strength: Career

In career readings, Strength reversed suggests a moment of self-doubt or insecurity. It may indicate challenges in asserting oneself at work or difficulty handling workplace pressures. There might be a need to address inner vulnerabilities and regain confidence. This card advises against impulsive decisions and emphasizes the importance of maintaining composure in professional situations.

It encourages you to reassess your strengths, confront obstacles with resilience, and seek support when needed. Reversed Strength implies that, despite setbacks, a mindful and balanced approach can lead to personal and professional growth in the long run.



Reversed Strength: Money

In financial readings, Strength reversed suggests a temporary lack of confidence and resilience in handling monetary matters. It advises caution against impulsive financial decisions and urges a closer examination of insecurities related to money.

There might be a need to address and overcome self-doubt, as well as to avoid being overwhelmed by financial challenges. This card signals a period where maintaining control over impulses becomes crucial, emphasizing the importance of regaining financial composure and rebuilding confidence to navigate obstacles and uncertainties with a more balanced and measured approach to wealth management.




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Q: What does the Strength card signify in upright position in love readings?
A: In love readings, the Strength card upright symbolizes inner strength, courage, and compassion in relationships. It suggests facing challenges with grace and fostering a deep, enduring connection.

Q: How does the Strength card upright influence career readings?
A: In career readings, Strength upright signifies confidence and resilience. It encourages assertive decision-making, mastery over challenges, and the ability to navigate professional obstacles with determination.

Q: What is the reversed meaning of the Strength card in love readings?
A: Reversed in love readings, Strength suggests moments of self-doubt, potential power struggles, or challenges in maintaining a harmonious connection. It advises addressing insecurities for relationship growth.

Q: How does the reversed Strength card impact money readings?
A: In money readings, Strength reversed indicates a temporary lack of financial confidence. It warns against impulsive decisions and suggests addressing insecurities for a more balanced and resilient financial approach.

Q: What role does Strength play in career readings when reversed?
A: In career readings, Strength reversed signals potential challenges in maintaining composure and overcoming obstacles. It advises addressing self-doubt and regaining confidence for professional growth.

Q: What does the Strength card suggest for personal strength in upright position?
A: Upright, Strength embodies personal strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome obstacles with courage and compassion. It signifies a confident and determined approach to challenges.

Q: How does the Strength card influence financial decisions when upright?
A: In financial readings, Strength upright advises making decisions with confidence and resilience. It promotes disciplined and balanced financial strategies, emphasizing the importance of maintaining control.

Q: What does the reversed Strength card indicate about inner strength in love matters?
A: Reversed in love readings, Strength suggests a temporary lapse in inner strength, potential emotional struggles, or difficulty maintaining a balanced and compassionate approach to relationships.

Q: In career readings, how does Strength reversed advise handling challenges?
A: Strength reversed in career readings advises caution in handling professional challenges. It signals a need to address self-doubt, avoid impulsive decisions, and regain composure for career advancement.

Q: How does the Strength card impact financial stability when reversed?
A: Reversed in money readings, Strength suggests a period of financial insecurity. It warns against impulsive financial choices and encourages addressing vulnerabilities for a more stable and resilient financial outlook.

Q: What does the Strength card suggest about courage in upright position in career readings?
A: In career readings, Strength upright signifies the courage to tackle challenges, make assertive decisions, and master professional obstacles. It embodies a fearless and determined approach to one's career path.

Q: How does the Strength card influence decision-making in money readings when reversed?
A: Reversed in money readings, Strength warns against impulsive financial decisions. It suggests a need to address doubts, regain confidence, and approach financial choices with a more measured and balanced mindset.


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