Justice Tarot Card Meaning

  • November 28th, 2023

justice Tarot




Justice Keywords

  • Upright: Fairness, Balance, Truth, Responsibility, Clarity
  • Reversed: Injustice, Dishonesty, Avoidance of Responsibility, Conflict, Unethical Behavior





Justice Tarot Card Description


The Justice Tarot card is a symbol-rich tapestry embodying equilibrium and moral integrity. Dominated by serene blues, the color of wisdom and truth, it signifies the need for clear, unbiased judgment. The central figure, often a robed woman, holds a sword of discernment and scales of precision. The sword, double-edged and swift, epitomizes the swift, impartial nature of justice. The scales, delicately balanced, symbolize fairness.

The square on her crown and the red robe signify the grounding of justice in reality and passion. Behind her, a purple veil shrouds the veil between the conscious and unconscious, emphasizing the complexity of ethical decisions. Every element, from color to object, converges to depict a call for objective, fair-minded decisions in the face of life's complexities.




Justice Upright


Justice Tarot


The Justice Tarot card, when upright, heralds equilibrium and ethical clarity. It represents the triumph of fairness, urging one to make decisions with impartiality. This card signals legal matters resolving justly, promoting truth and transparency.

The figure on the card, often depicted with a sword and scales, embodies the swift and precise nature of justice. It advocates for balance in actions, emphasizing accountability for one's deeds. Upright Justice encourages adherence to moral principles and the pursuit of truth. In personal matters, it signifies resolutions based on integrity and a need to approach situations with a sense of objectivity, fostering harmony and ethical responsibility.

Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline harmoniously resonate with the potent energy of Justice in the Tarot. Lapis Lazuli empowers you to navigate the nuances of fairness, Clear Quartz amplifies your intention for clarity in judgment, and Black Tourmaline provides grounding, ensuring a steadfast and balanced perspective. Together, they form a powerful trio, supporting your journey through life's complexities with a steadfast commitment to truth, clarity, and balanced actions on the scales of justice.



Upright Justice: Love

In love readings, the Justice Tarot card upright signifies a relationship built on fairness and balance. It suggests that honesty and clear communication are vital for a healthy partnership. The card emphasizes the need for equality, urging both partners to take responsibility for their actions. It can also indicate the resolution of past conflicts through open discussions.

Justice encourages mutual respect and ethical behavior in love, fostering a harmonious connection where both individuals contribute equally to the relationship's growth and well-being. Overall, it heralds a phase of stability and equitable partnership in matters of the heart.



Upright Justice: Career

In career readings, the upright Justice card heralds a phase of fairness and professional equilibrium. It signifies that your efforts will be rewarded justly, and decisions made will have a positive impact on your career path. It encourages you to maintain integrity and ethical conduct in your professional endeavors.

Legal matters related to work may be resolved in your favor, and promotions or opportunities are likely to be based on merit. It suggests a period of balanced decision-making and fair treatment in the workplace, fostering a harmonious and successful professional journey.



Upright Justice: Money

In financial readings, the Justice Tarot card upright heralds fair financial dealings and equitable outcomes. It suggests that financial decisions and transactions will be just and transparent, promoting a sense of balance and ethical responsibility.

This card signifies that financial matters are aligning with integrity, and any financial disputes may be resolved in a fair and favorable manner. It encourages making financial choices based on moral principles, reinforcing that ethical conduct is integral to lasting prosperity and financial well-being.




Justice Reversed


Justice Tarot


Reversed, the Justice Tarot card cautions against imbalance and unfairness in decisions. It signals potential legal entanglements or disputes that lack resolution. The scales are tipped, highlighting a need for reevaluation of one's actions and decisions.

This card can suggest a delay in justice or an avoidance of accountability. It prompts introspection into one's ethical compass, urging a realignment with fairness. It may indicate disharmony and an imbalance of power. The reversed Justice calls for rectification of unjust situations, emphasizing the consequences of unethical choices.



Reversed Justice: Love

In love readings, the reversed Justice Tarot card signals imbalances and potential injustices. It may indicate conflicts stemming from unfairness or dishonesty in relationships. Decisions might be clouded by bias, leading to misunderstandings. Legal or contractual issues may arise, challenging the harmony in partnerships.

Reversed Justice urges a reassessment of ethical considerations and the need for open communication to restore equilibrium. Be cautious of unaddressed issues and strive for fairness, as neglecting justice in love could lead to strained connections and unresolved conflicts.



Reversed Justice: Career

In career readings, the Justice card reversed suggests potential imbalances and unfair situations. It may signal workplace injustices, biased decision-making, or issues with ethical conduct. There could be challenges in legal matters or a need to address dishonest practices. It warns against avoiding responsibility and emphasizes the importance of rectifying any unfairness.

Reversed Justice in career readings underscores the need for careful consideration of actions, as unethical behavior or unresolved conflicts may hinder professional progress. It advises addressing these issues head-on to restore balance and integrity in the professional sphere.



Reversed Justice: Money

In money readings, the Justice card reversed warns of financial imbalances and potential unfair dealings. It signals the consequences of dishonest financial practices or decisions lacking integrity. Beware of legal issues or contractual disputes that may arise due to unethical conduct.

Financial affairs may be out of equilibrium, emphasizing the need to rectify imbalances and address fiscal matters with honesty. It advises against engaging in financial transactions that may compromise your ethical standing, urging a reassessment of financial decisions to avoid negative repercussions and maintain a just and stable monetary foundation.






Q: What does the Justice Tarot card upright symbolize in love readings?
A: Upright, Justice heralds fair and balanced relationships, emphasizing honesty, and integrity. It suggests a relationship built on equality and ethical considerations.

Q: How does the Justice card impact career readings when upright?
A: In career readings, the Justice card upright signifies fair decisions, likely leading to professional success. It encourages ethical conduct and balanced choices in the workplace.

Q: What does the reversed Justice Tarot card suggest in money readings?
A: Reversed, Justice warns of financial imbalances and potential legal issues. It signals the consequences of unethical financial decisions, urging a reassessment of fiscal matters.

Q: How does the Justice card influence love readings when reversed?
A: In love readings, reversed Justice warns of imbalances and potential dishonesty. It may suggest unresolved conflicts or a need for greater fairness and transparency in relationships.

Q: What is the significance of the Justice card reversed in career readings?
A: Reversed in career readings, Justice indicates unfairness or unethical practices in the workplace. It may advise against making decisions that compromise professional integrity.

Q: How does the Justice Tarot card impact money readings when upright?
A: Upright, Justice in money readings signifies fair financial dealings and wise decision-making. It encourages honesty and ethical conduct in monetary matters.

Q: What does the Justice card suggest about relationships when upright?
A: Upright, Justice emphasizes the importance of fairness and balance in relationships. It encourages open communication and ethical behavior to foster a healthy partnership.

Q: How does the reversed Justice Tarot card affect career prospects?
A: Reversed, Justice warns of potential career setbacks due to unethical conduct. It advises against making decisions that could harm professional reputation.

Q: What does the Justice card indicate for financial decisions when reversed?
A: Reversed, Justice warns of financial imbalances and the consequences of dishonest financial decisions. It suggests a need for ethical reassessment in monetary matters.

Q: In love readings, what does the Justice card reversed suggest about communication?
A: In love readings, reversed Justice may indicate communication issues, potential dishonesty, or unresolved conflicts. It emphasizes the need for open and honest dialogue in relationships.

Q: How does the Justice Tarot card impact career advancement when upright?
A: Upright, Justice in career readings suggests that fair and just decisions will contribute to positive career advancements. It encourages ethical behavior and integrity in professional life.

Q: What does the reversed Justice card imply for financial stability?
A: Reversed, Justice warns of potential financial instability due to unethical conduct. It suggests the need for reassessment and ethical considerations to maintain monetary balance.


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